Ban Rai Kong Khing community, Chiang Mai


The award-winning Ban Rai Kong Khing Community in Hang Dong district, Chiang Mai, offers tourists a genuine local experience that lives up to the self-sufficiency ideals of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej. The community is a collective enterprise, with all families working together to meet the needs of everyone. Tourists are welcome to homestay overnight or stop by to learn about the community and buy organic products. Read more at: Experience aspects of King Bhumibol’s Sufficiency Economy at Ban Rai Kong Khing.

Gallery 1: Visitors to the Ban Rai Kong Khing Community are given a traditional welcome reception. Everyone is given a pandan leaf flower before enjoying a range of foods and drinks made by locals using home-grown ingredients that reflect the regional culture and tastes.

Gallery 2: The most famous activity at Ban Rai Kong Khing Community is a unique form of massage known as Yam Khang, which has been passed down the generations This involves flaming hot coals and masseurs walking on your limbs with their heated feet to soothe away tension.

Gallery 3: Cooking classes are among popular activities at the Ban Rai Kong Khing Community. One of the favourite local dishes is Khai Pam, an egg treat cooked in banana leaves over a stove.

Gallery 4: Visitors can also learn to make a local dessert, khanom jok, which is made from rice flour stuffed with sweetened coconut meat, then wrapped in banana leaves and steamed.

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