Buriram: Be Ballin Through the Eyes of a Blogger Thailand 2017 Winner


Buriram: Be Ballin Through the Eyes of a Blogger Thailand 2017 Winner

By Michael Bauswein

One week ago I was one of the winners of TAT Newsroom Blogger Thailand 2017 competition and went with all other winners to a 5-day trip including 2 days in Buri Ram province. Located in Isan (Northeastern Thailand), it has many to offer from historical parks to motorsport events and activities or football fever…

Phanom Rung temple

Phanom Rung temple

Buri Ram historical temples

If there is one place you have to go in Buri Ram province, it is definitely the Phanom Rung Historical park. The Khmer temple there is probably the most beautiful in Thailand (another one is the Phimai temple). Built on the top of an extinct volcano, Prasat Hin Phanom Rung is famous for its long stone paved walkway and for an amazing phenomenon happening 4 times a year: the sun rising or setting through the 15 doors of the temple.

Prasat Hin Phanom Rung

Prasat Hin Phanom Rung

A few kilometers from Phanom Rung, there is another beautiful Khmer temple, Prasat Mueang Tam. Smaller, this Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva is a very lovely and peaceful place with 4 L-shaped ponds.

Prasat Muang Tham Prasat Muang Tham

Prasat Muang Tham

Prasat Mueang Tham

These are the must visit places if you come here but there is more!

Buri Ram motorsports and football

Thunder Castle Buriram

Thunder Castle Buri Ram

What put Buri Ram under the spotlight in recent years is its football team: Buriram United, the best in Thailand and the Thunder Castle (now known as the i-Mobile Stadium), its stadium accommodating 32,600 football fans and the nearby Chang International Circuit (although known as Buri Ram United International Circuit because of alcohol restrictions ;)) built in 2014.

Chang International Circuit

Chang International Circuit

There is also a go-karting track where I could show, in the morning, to others bloggers my amazing skills to drive… into the piles of tyres. Before ending the day by attending a sport cars race and see some professional drivers… finish into the tyres too!

Silachai Go Cart track

Silachai Go-Kart track

Buri Ram Walking Street

On our 2nd evening in Buri Ram, we went into the city’s Walking Street which is taking place every Saturday and Sunday on Rom Buri Road. Like all night markets in Thailand, it is a nice place to discover local food. Taste it and see how they do it. I filmed one vendor doing “Khanom buang”. Only filmed because we already had dinner and like for all the meals of this blogger trip, the food was so good and there was so many different dishes that  I ate too much and was more than full already.

If you plan a trip to Thailand, Buri Ram and Isan overall is definitely a region to visit. There you will see a very different Thailand from the one in Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai and all other destinations well known by tourists. And if you are a travel blogger keep in touch with TAT Newsroom, the Blogger Thailand contest will probably be held again next year…

*”Buriram Be Ballin’” is a slogan that I saw many times in the city and around the Thunder castle

Creator of Thailandee.com, Mike is French and travelled in Thailand from North to South and West to East for many years and shares his experiences on website in French and English.
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