Discovering a truly Amazing Thailand with the TATNewsrom Bloggers

By Genevieve Pendrageon

An opportunity to travel with the other winners of the remarkable TATnewsroom Bloggers was one of the greatest and most interesting parts of my travels in Thailand. We had the opportunity to meet up with other travel bloggers from around the world, discover interesting places and activities in Thailand that we otherwise would not have known about as well as had a unique opportunity to meet the organizers of the competition which was the Tourism Authority of Thailand people who were not only very friendly but also delightfully hospitable and just as fun loving as we were.

Genevieve Pendragon and fellow bloggers at Ban Dam

With fellows bloggers and TAT International PR team at Baan Daam museum

Our familiarization trip of Thailand included 5 days and 4 nights of traveling from Bangkok to Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai which were the beautiful Northern provinces of Thailand. On the first day we all met in Bangkok after arriving from different places like Malaysia, Singapore, India, Russia, France and the Philippines. We were all provided with full return flights from our countries to Bangkok as well as domestic flights to the Northern provinces.

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