Tulip of Siam Festival

Tulip of Siam Festival

01 December 2016 – 28 February 2017 all-day
Play La Ploen Flora Park, Buriram province
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Tulip of Siam Festival

Tulip of Siam Festival Picture Credit:Internet sources

Play La Ploen Flora Park, approximately 32 km. from the city of Buriram in Thailand’s northeast, is one of the province’s newest tourist attractions. Opened only last year, the attraction is the perfect place for plant-lovers and their families to come and enjoy the cooler weather and long holidays.

The Tulip of Siam Festival will be ongoing from December 2016 until February 2017, and during this time, there will be some stunning blooms on display in the park alongside fun sculptures and examples of local culture.

Flower lovers will be particularly interested in the beautiful Strong Gold species which are among the most sought after of flowers thanks to their strong yellow colour and classic shape. As well as tulips, the flora park of Play La Ploen also boasts several other kinds of winter flowers including begonia, hydrangea, lily, cyclamen, and hollyhock among others.

The Flora Park is a part of Play La Ploen Boutique Resort and Adventure Camp. The venue provides accommodation and various adventure activities for visitors and young people which will offer an exciting ending to 2016.

For more information, contact

Play La Ploen Flora Park (www.playlaploen.com)

Tel. 0 4469 9435, 08-7797-6425 

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