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In Spite of 2011 Floods, Thai Tourism Arrivals Still Up

Friday 13 January, 2012      


In Spite of 2011 Floods, Thai Tourism Arrivals Still Up

Bangkok, 14 January 2012 — Figures tabulated by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports for January – November 2011 show total arrivals by nationality of 17,105,283, up 21.17 percent over the same period of 2010.

Although the recent floods in Thailand did impact on arrivals during the months of October and November 2011, the growth in the January-September 2011 period as well as the post-floods bounceback was high enough to keep arrivals on a positive trend for the entire year.

The following performance analysis by market is based on the figures tabulated so far:

OVERVIEW: Visitors from East Asia totalled 9,289,474 (+27.65%), Europe 4,388,092 (+13.63%), the Americas 848,626 (+12.92%), South Asia 1,062,595 (+19.77%), Oceania 830,780 (17.64%), Middle East 563,157 (+7.69%), and Africa 122,559 (+11.84%).

EAST ASIA: East Asian visitor arrivals to Thailand comprise the biggest market share of all visitors. Of the 17.10 million arrivals in January – November 2011, a total of 9.28 million were from the East Asia region. Malaysia topped the list with 2,093,987 arrivals, followed by China 1,571,294, Japan 1,047,181 and Korea 922,077.

EUROPE: The January-November period saw a good growth rate of 13.63% to 4.38 million. Russia is the largest source market from Europe with arrivals of 851,077, up 61.52%. The United Kingdom is the second highest source market with a total of 755,523, up 4.15%, followed by Germany 553,065, up 1.94%.

SOUTH ASIA: Arrivals in January-November 2011 grew by a strong 19.77% to 1,062,595. India has become a primary market with arrivals up by 23.61% to 838,256, making it the region’s fastest growing market. Thailand is enjoying huge popularity among Indian niche markets ;such as, weddings and honeymooners.

THE AMERICAS: Arrivals from the Americas showed a good growth of 12.92% to 848,626 with the main market, the US, increasing by 11.72% to 609,559. Arrivals from both Canada and Brazil showed positive growth of 14.85% and 21.55%.

OCEANIA: Arrivals in January-November 2011 grew by 17.64% to 830,780 visitors. Australian visitors were up 18.68% to 739,963 and New Zealand +9.60% to 88,373.

MIDDLE EAST: Arrivals from the Middle East showed a slight growth of 7.69% to 563,157 with all markets up. Israel is the largest source market with arrivals of 114,533 (+10.53%) followed by UAE 101,494 (+4.53%) and Kuwait 52,762 (+33.79%).

AFRICA: Arrivals in January-November 2011 were up by 11.84% to 122,559. South Africa is the major market and has showed significant growth of 24.34% to 56,721.

By the end of 2011, Thailand welcomed a total of over 19 million international visitors, which represents annual growth of 20% compared to 2010. This clearly shows travellers’ preference for and loyalty to the Thailand brand and reputation for Authenticity, Value for Money and Hospitality.

International Tourist Arrivals to Thailand
By Nationality, January – November 2011
Jan – Nov
Jan – Nov
% Change
East Asia
The Americas
South Asia
Middle East


 Source: Ministry of Tourism and Sports


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