Useful Links

The TAT is an award-winning innovator when it comes to online tourism marketing. Below, you will find links to many of the TAT’s websites, information portals and social media channels.

English-language websites and social network accounts:


Tourism Authority of Thailand’s main tourism promotion and marketing website for tourists and visitors, available in more than 24 languages


Created by the TAT Tourism Product Department, this website is a one-stop resource with all tourism product information for travel planning or searching for travel product that suits traveller the best in less time


A one-stop resource, delivering news and details of events, research, online training, and marketing intelligence information to corporate travel planners


Highlights news and updates about medical tourism in Thailand


TAT’s mobile game applications centre


An all-in-one website for Thailand’s mobile tourist applications


Tourism Thailand facebook page that offers a forum for interacting with foreigners and provides tourist related updates about Thailand


Tourism Thailand English-language twitter account for foreign tourists that updates news about festivals and provides a forum for interacting with followers


TAT’s Youtube account highlighting tourisn campaign video clips and background material on Thailand’s tourism industry


TAT’s contact centre with interactive services such as live chat, social network, phone applications


TAT continuously promots sustainable tourism through the concept of Seven Greens – Green Heart, Green Logistics, Green Destinations, Green Communities, Green Activities, Green Services, and Green[Plus]+, which encourages Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) among operators. This website provides inspirations, and updates on eco-tourism


Provides Thailand tourism information, facts, database, and investment opportunities for global investors.This official website contains Geographic Information System (GIS) of a tourism business density map, and priority areas for investment


Free online magazine that focuses on Phuket, and features extensive travel information

Thai-language websites and social network accounts:


Tourism Thailand Thai-language twitter account that features travel promotions, festival updates and TAT annoucements


Promotes travelling in the northern part of Thailand, this website is available in Thai language only


Promotes travelling in the eastern part of Thailand, this website is available in Thai language only


Promotes travelling in the central part of Thailand, this website is available in Thai language only


TAT’s official website that encourages Thai travellers to travel more in Thailand, and to share their stories with a broader, more interactive audience

The website of TAT’s official Thai-language travel magazine which features travel articles about travelling in Thailand. Both the magazine and the website are available in Thai language only


iTravel Channel is providing all the information about things to do in Thailand in a fun, entertaining way

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