Tourism Authority of Thailand: Mission

The Tourism Authority of Thailand’s (TAT) mission is to promote Thailand internationally as a tourist destination world while helping to develop the industry as a whole. TAT also encourages domestic tourism by fostering a love of the kingdom’s attractions, natural beauty and culture among local people.

To achieve its mission, TAT researches and develops proactive marketing and communications strategies aimed at increasing Thailand’s share of traditional tourism markets and developing new niche markets to attract more high-quality tourists to Thailand.

TAT reaches out to potential tourists via various channels including the 38 offices in Thailand and 27 offices overseas which carry out promotions and marketing via travel trade shows and joint activities with tour operators. TAT also conducts comprehensive advertising campaigns in the print and broadcast media and is an industry leader in online marketing, especially in the use of social media channels and websites.

In promoting tourism, TAT brings together the public and private sectors, domestically and internationally to ensure a unified strategy and to reinforce Thailand’s position as the preferred tourism destination.