General Tourism Information

The TAT Newsroom is committed to supporting the international media by providing the latest press releases and updates from the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), events and festivals, other Thai travel news as well as compelling Thailand travel features and videos.

In addition, we’re providing general tourism information and some useful tips for visitors to the kingdom. 

Before You Arrive

1.1 Travel Advisories

See Thailand Tourism Updates, containing Thailand tourism information and some useful tips for visitors to the kingdom especially when there are issues concerning travelling in general.

1.2 Planning Your Visit

1.2.1 Everything You Need To Know About Thailand’s New Immigration Form and visa-on-arrival fee waiver policy.
1.2.2 Thailand’s online e-via services are available here and here.
1.2.3 Thailand officially opens new online visa application service in China
1.2.4 Being Prepared Means Having The Funds To Cover Your Stay
1.2.5 Thailand grants multiple entries at land borders to three more nationals
1.2.6 Medical Visitors From China, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar And Vietnam Can Now Access 90-Day Visas
1.2.7 Are You Eligible for a Multiple Entry Tourist Visa? Read On To Find Out
1.2.8 What you need to know about Thailand’s new Excise Tax law
1.2.9 Planning to bring your drones on holiday to Thailand? Read On To Find Out the Registration Process
1.2.10 Know more about Thai Customs procedures for travellers arriving in or departing from Thailand

While You’re Here

2.1 Make Time for These Amazing Activities

2.1.1 How to enjoy travelling in Bangkok
2.1.2 Top Tips for Diving and Snorkelling in Thailand
2.1.3 Top Tips for Buying Gems and Jewellery in Thailand
2.1.4 Buy With Confidence, Look for Shops Certified by the Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand
2.1.5 Useful things to know for safe and enjoyable eating in Thailand
2.1.6 Useful things to know for entry fee payment points to Mu Ko Similan National Park

2.2 Ensuring You Have a Pleasant Stay

2.2.1 Heading to the Beach? Here’s How to Protect Yourself from Jellyfish
2.2.2 Staying Safe By the Sea – Regulations That Can Help
2.2.3 Important information on marine tourism in Thailand during the Southwest monsoon season
2.2.4 Enjoying the beauty of Thailand: A handy guide for women travellers
2.2.5 Anti-smoking laws in Thailand: What You Need To Know
2.2.6 Six Thai airports declared no smoking zones from 3 February 2019
2.2.7 Thailand tightens Traffic Rules and Regulations at Major Tourist Destinations
2.2.8 Thailand establishes One-Stop-Service Courts to handle tourist cases
2.2.9 Thai Government Launches 1111 Hotline to receive complaints from international visitors
2.2.10 If your visa expires  and you stay in Thailand, you could face a Re-Entry Ban
2.2.11 Useful things to know for safe and enjoyable eating in Thailand
2.2.12 Useful things to know for enjoyable travel experiences in Bangkok
2.2.13 Krabi sets a model to upgrade marine tourism safety

2.3 Play a Part of Thailand’s Sustainable Tourism Journey

2.3.1 Thailand Continuing Efforts to End Illegal Ivory Trade
2.3.2 ‘No Photos Please’ Campaign to Combat Wildlife Trafficking

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