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2007 Res Varldens Basta Resor Awards (The World Best Travel Award)


2007 Res Varldens Basta Resor Awards (The World Best Travel Award)

Bangkok, December 28, 2007 – Res Magazine, the second most popular travel magazine in Sweden, organized its annual readers’ survey on outbound travel for the fourth consecutive time in Autumn 2007. Readers voted online on and the results were announced in December 2007. Awards were presented in fourteen categories.

Thailand received a total of six awards. The Kingdom of Thailand was voted the Best Long-Haul Destination and ranks the third ‘Best Country to Live’, after Sweden and the United States. The tropical paradise of Phuket led the Top-10 Best Charter Destinations with Krabi in third place. Thai food ranks second in the 2007 Best Food award category.

  • 2007 Best Long-Haul Destination: Thailand
  • 2007 Best Charter Destination: Phuket and Krabi in the Top-3
  • 2007 Best Big Cities: Bangkok ranks among the Top-10
  • 2007 Best Food: Thai food ranks second in the Top-5
  • 2007 Best Country to Live: Thailand ranks third in the Top-5
  • 2007 Best International Airline Company: Thai Airways International ranks second out of five airlines

Thailand – Best Long – Haul Destination
According to Res Magazine sources, the Swedish traveller’s love for Thailand is never-ending. Thailand remains the top favourite long-haul tourist destination. In 2006, the Kingdom of Thailand welcomed 307,284 visitors from Sweden, representing an impressive 38.23 per cent increase over 2005 figures. As of November 2007, visitor arrivals from Sweden reached 181,939, a 20.51 per cent increase from 150,971 visitors in November 2006.

Flights operated by charter companies provide easy and convenient access to Thailand and with the vast number of islands waiting to be discovered, visitors are presented with diverse options. Thai food, excellent hospitality of local people, temples, statues, big city lifestyle and value-for-money shopping are some of attractions named. The kingdom also offers an interesting variety of natural attractions ranging from beaches to mountains, jungles and rice fields.

Phuket – Best Charter Destination
The tropical island paradise of Phuket remains an eternal favourite offering tourists value-for-money shopping and endless choice that includes non-stop partying vs. a romantic get-away or quiet family vacation and a diverse selection of accommodation ranging from budget to sheer luxury. The key attractions for Swedish travellers include beaches, diving and sports fishing, jungle trekking, the selection of interesting and varied sites dotted around the island that are perfect for picnics, new design hotels, design shops and trendy restaurants.

Not only did Swedish readers vote for their favourite travel destinations and travel-related service providers, the 2007 survey results also provided valuable insights into the preferences of Swedish travellers. The following aspects of travel planning and the travel experience were covered in the survey: the best kind of vacations; the most important considerations for a vacation; the best way of making reservations, the best source of inspiration, the duration for booking trips, the duration of vacations abroad as well as shopping preferences.

The majority of Swedish travellers book their trips three months in advance and the duration for most of the vacations abroad is two weeks long. The Internet was rated as both the ‘best source of inspiration’ for travel and the ‘best way of making reservations.’ Travel publications, friends, travel programmes on TV and travel agencies are the other sources of inspiration in the Top-5.

Best Long-Haul Destination
1. Thailand
2. USA
3. Australia
4. New Zealand
5. South Africa
6. Brazil
7. Maldives
8. Malaysia
9. India
10. China

Best Charter Destination
1. Phuket, Thailand
2. Mallorca, Spain
3. Krabi, Thailand
4. Kreta, Greece
5. Grand Canary
6. Isla de Margarita, Venezuela
7. Alanya, Turkey
8. Cancun, Mexico
9. Sicily, Italy
10. Goa, India

Best Country to Live
1. Sweden
2. USA
3. Thailand
4. Spain
5. Australia

Best Big Cities
1. New York
2. London
3. Barcelona
4. Paris
5. San Francisco
6. Rome
7. Sydney
8. Bangkok
9. Prague
10. Rio De Janeiro

Best Food
1. Italy
2. Thailand
3. France
4. Greece
5. Sweden

Best International Airline Company
1. SAS
2. Thai Airways
3. KLM
4. Singapore Airlines
5. British Airways

Best Charter Company
1. Fritidsresor
2. Ving
3. Apollo
4. Solresor
5. Nazar

Best Charter Company Web – Site

Best International Hotel Chain
1. Hilton
2. Radisson SAS
3. Sheraton
4. Marriott
5. Best Western

Best Car Rental Company
1. Avis
2. Hertz
3. Europcar
4. Holiday Autos
5. Budget

Best Internet – -Based Travel Agency


Best Kind of Vacation
1. Sunbathing and swimming
2. Charter
3. Adventure
4. Car Trip
5. Safari
6. Cruise
7. Sport
8. Spa/ Health

Most Important for Vacations
1. Sunbathing and swimming
2. Culture
3. Fine food
4. Relax
5. Meet new people
6. Shopping
7. Sports
8. Sex
9. Party

Best Way of Making Reservations
1. Internet
2. Boutique
3. Telephone

Best Source of Inspiration
1. Internet
2. Travel magazines
3. Friends
4. Travel program on TV¨
5. Travel Agencies
6. Advertising
7. Books

Duration for Booking Trips
1. 3 months before
2. 6 months before
3. 1 month before
4. Last Minute
5. 9 months before
6. 1 year before

Duration of Vacations Abroad
1. 2 weeks per year
2. 3 weeks per year
3. 1 week per year
4. 4 weeks per year
5. 4-6 weeks per year

1. Alcohol
2. Perfume
3. Make up/ Skin Care
4. Candies
5. Delicates
6. Souvenir
7. Clothes



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