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Sampran CSR organic farming in local schools

Bangkok, 17 July, 2014 – Sampran Riverside, an eco-cultural resort close to Bangkok, has launched a Sampran Model corporate social responsibility project to promote organic agriculture within the property’s immediate district.

As part of the project, the resort ropes in participations from all its 450 employees who will be visiting local schools and showing students how to grow organic vegetables.

The Sampran Model has already been introduced at three local schools, including Wat Decha Nuson School, Wat San Phet School and Banklongkein School. Activities have included preparing fertile land within the school grounds and planting green vegetables for school consumption and sell any surplus.

The resort hoped that both teachers and students will recognise the health benefits of organic produces and consider if they need to make any beneficial changes to their supply chain.

Sampran Riverside is located by the Ta-Chine River in a peaceful part of Bangkok’s neighbouring province of Nakhon Pathom. It is approximately 30 kilometres from Bangkok city and takes about 1 hour drive. It can also be a worthwhile stopover en-route to or from Damnern Saduak Floating Market, Hua Hin, Ayutthaya or Kanchanaburi.

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