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Thailand invites Hong Kong celebrities to join anniversary celebrations for the Erawan Shrine

Bangkok, 9 November, 2015 – The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), in cooperation with Thai Airways International and Bangkok Airways, is arranging a special trip for 15 well-known Hong Kong SAR movie stars, celebrities and television personalities to join the annual ceremony for paying respect at the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok and to explore the country’s popular tourist attractions from 8-12 November, 2015.

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The annual ceremony for paying respect at the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok on 9 November, 2015

This special activity forms part of TAT Hong Kong Office’s marketing strategy under the ‘Stronger Together’ project, which was launched with the exclusive trip for Michelle Yim and Simon Yam to pay respect to the four-faced Brahma statue (Phra Phrom) at the Erawan Shrine on 22 September, 2015. The great media exposure on the appearance of the two famous stars in Bangkok, in part, helped convince the Security Bureau Hong Kong to lower its travel advisory level from the red to yellow, thus enabling Hong Kong travel agencies to resume promoting tours to Thailand and insurance companies to provide travel insurance for travelers respectively.

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Mr. Penny Chan and Mr. Roger Wu
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Mr. Penny Chan, Mr. Kent Tse, Mr. Direk Li, Mr. William Tang

This special trip for 15 Hong Kong SAR celebrities is organised with the objective of reiterating the positive image of Thailand as a welcoming destination for visitors, especially among the tourists and travellers from Hong Kong SAR. Each of the 15 invited celebrities has a large fan base in their network, and they themselves are great fans of Thailand, too. Thus, we are confident that their presence in Thailand will help entice their followers to want to visit the kingdom in their footsteps.

Among the 15 famous celebrities joining the trip include Helen To, a young superstar who also hosts a popular travel TV programme; Eddie Ng- a singer, actor and composer, Penny Chan – a half Thai-half Hong Kong actress who also runs the Eat and Travel TV programme, and Roger Wu, a famous media personality as well as an influential travel blogger who was also TAT’s Friend of Thailand, will be travelling along with a group of celebrities and media personalities.

The Hong Kong SAR celebrity group will be joining the sacred ceremony to commemorate the Erawan Shrine’s 59th anniversary celebration on 9 November and will be travelling to several popular tourist destinations across Thailand; such as, Bangkok, Ayutthaya, Ko Samui and Chiang Mai.

TAT believes that the media exposure on these 15 Hong Kong SAR celebrities will help attract the Hong Kong people to select Thailand as the destination for their weekend getaway or the upcoming holiday seasons, including the Festival of Lights or Loi Krathong, Christmas break, and the New Year Count down.

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A selfie of Hong Kong SAR celebrities including Mr. Penny Chan (left, front row), Mr. Kent Tse (left, back row), Mr. Derek Li (middle, back row), Mr. William Tang (right, back row), Mr. Eddie Ng (2nd left, front row), Ms. Helen To (2nd right, front row) and Mr. Roger Wu (holding the smartphone) at the press conference after finishing the Erawan Shrine praying ceremony.

Thailand has long been a favourite destination among Hong Kong SAR travellers attracting more than 600,000 visitors each year out of the seven million population. This is due to the short travel distance of only 2.5 hours by air. Currently, there are 14 airlines providing 214 direct flights between Hong Kong and key destinations in Thailand.

Hong Kong SAR people consider Thailand as a ‘weekend destination’ and their favourite activities have included experiencing Thai cuisine, Thai massage, health and spa, shopping as well as paying homage to sacred shrines. Favourite destinations include Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Phuket as well as Rayong, Samut Songkram, Krabi and Ko Samui.

For 2015, TAT expects Thailand to welcome a total of 700,000 visitors from Hong Kong SAR, earning more than 23,900 million Baht for the Thai economy.

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