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TAT launches latest viral sensation illustrating Thailand through Pad Thai cooking

Bangkok, 8 February, 2016 – The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has once again reiterated its creative tourism marketing with the launch of the latest viral sensation that artistically illustrates the natural and cultural beauty of Thailand through a simple cooking video of Pad Thai.

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Dr. Yuthasak Supasorn, TAT Governor said, “This Pad Thai viral video marketing forms part of our Amazing Thailand Discover Amazing Stories initiative aimed at attracting travellers from around the world to explore the charms in the everyday life of the Thai people that boast a mix of culture and traditions that epitomises “Thainess” and makes the country stand out as offering unique experiences to all visitors who visit Thailand.”

The ‘Pad Thai’ video is a two-minute viral marketing initiative about how to make Pad Thai, which is probably one of the best known Thai dishes among international tourists but perhaps not many of them know how to make this simple dish. While describing the ingredients required, the video takes viewers on a journey through various parts of Thailand with beautiful imagery and excellent narration.

The video begins with the history of Pad Thai, which said to have become a favourite Thai dish since World War II, and the main ingredient, the noodle that is made from rice – the staple dish of Thai cuisine. The script then takes an amazing turn with the beautiful story of each ingredient, from the favourite ‘Sen Chan’ noodle indigenous to Chanthaburi, which is famous for traditional jewellery and durian fruit; the bean sprouts which most Thai people learn how to grow in elementary school where Thai performing arts are also taught, the tamarind fruit, which is used as a souring agent, but also has a hidden meaning related to Thai beliefs, the dried shrimp from the South of Thailand that is also known for its marine tourism, and concludes with the tofu, which can be found in Bangkok’s Chinatown.

Click to watch the video: “Pad Thai”.

Dr. Yuthasak added, “As you can see the Pad Thai video offers an incredible insight into the history, culture, tradition, and beautiful landscapes of Thailand within just two minutes. Like how the video ends, this is the story of Pad Thai, but there are thousands of other stories to discover. So on behalf of the Thai people, I would like to extend our warm invitation to all tourists and travellers from around the world to come and discover your amazing stories in Amazing Thailand.”

The Pad Thai viral video marketing has attracted over 1.5 million views within a few days after it was posted on the social media channels, and has become a popular sensation through social media sharing.

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