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Tourism Authority of Thailand offers sincere condolences to the people of Belgium

Issued on 22 March 2016

On behalf of the Thai tourism industry, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) extends its heartfelt condolences to the people of Belgium in the wake of the tragic events in Brussels. Our thoughts and prayer are with the families and friends of everyone who lost someone they love or who was injured in today’s explosion incidents.

All of us in the Thai tourism industry condemn those responsible for today’s heinous acts that have affected the peace of Belgium and the world as a whole. Belgium has always been a resilient nation, and TAT is certain the country and her people will emerge from the events stronger than ever before.

Both Belgium and Thailand have enjoyed a free flow of travel and tourism between each other, and TAT is confident this will continue as people remain determined to foster goodwill and friendship across the globe. Against this backdrop of close collaboration, TAT and the Thai tourism industry are committed to extend every possible support to the Belgium tourism industry. Our office in Paris which looks after the tourist market of Belgium is on hand to coordinate all assistance efforts.

Again, TAT is deeply saddened at what happened today in Brussels. We stand united with Belgium and her tourism industry in this difficult time and are prepared to work together with our Belgium partners for a better and safer tomorrow.

Tourism Authority of Thailand

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