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Super moon brings illumination and enchantment to Loi Krathong 2016

The charming Thai festival of Loi Krathong was celebrated nationwide on the evening of 14 November – a lunar date that coincided with a super moon. In Bangkok, the festivities centered around Santi Chaiprakan Park, home to the historic Phra Sumen Fort. People came along to learn about the traditions of Songkran and to enjoy views of the river, bathed in the silver moonlight.

TAT Loi Krathong 2016
 In Santi Chaiprakan Park, people came to make their own unique Krathongs, learn about the history of Loi Krathong and to pay their respects to the Late King. There were tasty, local snacks to enjoy, atmospheric Thai music and gorgeous decorations that glistened in the moonlight.

Deputy Prime Minister General Tanasak Patimapragorn, joined H.E. Mrs. Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, Minister of Tourism and Sports, Mr. Kalin Sarasin, Chairman of the Board of TAT and Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn, Governor of TAT and other VIPs who came along to the park to enjoy the festivities. The large crowds at venues around the kingdom showed how the unique traditions of Loi Krathong have captured the imaginations of visitors from all over the world.

Chiang Mai

In Chiang Mai, the traditional Yi Peng festival saw thousands of visitors come to join the fun and release beautiful lanterns into the night sky and illuminated kratongs onto the city’s ancient canals.


Sukhothai is the spiritual home of Loi Kratong and people came here to enjoy a traditional festival, explore the historical park and to pay their respects to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. The city’s waterways were illuminated with 9,999 candles and the ancient city glistened under the full moon.


In the province of Tak, Loi Kratong Sai was celebrated in the ancient way, with thousands of krathongs made from coconut husks, linked together and floated down the Ping River. Traditional local dancing added to the atmosphere.

Samut Songkhram

The waterways of Samut Songkhram were seemingly alight with flickering flames as many people headed to the province to float their banana leaf rafts on the majestic Mae Klong River.

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