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Italian Festival in Thailand returns in 2017

Italian Festival in Thailand returns in 2017

Bangkok, 14 March, 2017 – The annual Italian Festival in Thailand is back in 2017 with a full calendar packed with a huge range of art, culture, cuisine and exhibitions that will showcase the best of Italy.

This year marks the festival’s 12th edition with many different shows and exhibitions scheduled to take place, up until late December 2017. These will take in everything from live performances of Italian music including classical modern and folk, Italian films, photography, theatre and, of course, food.

Organised by the Embassy of Italy in Bangkok, The event is aimed at promoting Italian culture in Thailand and strengthening the links between the nations. Many of these events are free to join though it’s worth checking in advance to find if tickets are required.

For more information visit:
Website: Embassy of Italy in Bangkok
Facebook: Italian Festival in Thailand

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