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The Silver and Silk Villages of Surin

Surin, the main town of Surin province has a long history. The area was once part of the Khmer empire and this has left its legacy in the area in the form of exquisitely crafted silverware which some skilled craftsmen still make to this day. Surin is also famous for its beautiful silk, the best examples of which are made in the village of Ban Tha Sawang .

So tourists seeking to explore some of Thailand’s rich cultural heritage should make time to visit the province where silver, silk and a friendly Isan welcome awaits.

Gallery 1: Puan Chaiothong, affectionately known as Lung Puan, has lovingly created stunning gold and silver jewellery using ancient Thai and Khmer designs and production methods for over 60 years in his workshops in Khewa Si Narin district, Surin.

Gallery 2: Lung Puan is most famous for his Takao style jewellery. This complex Khmer method of working silver requires meticulous twisting of silver wire into desired shapes and soldering them into place before other layers are built up, making highly intricate patterns.

Gallery 3: Khwao Sinarin Handicrafts Village is well known for its silver work and jewellery. Collectors come from around the country to buy products and order their own unique designs.

Gallery 4: The artisans of Ban Tha Sawang Silk Weaving Village in Surin are famous for producing high quality silks on traditional looms, as families in the region have done for centuries. There are many shops selling finished cloth and silk products at good prices. Most people who stop by take time to watch the skilled workers at their looms.

Gallery 5: Visitors can follow the whole silk making process at Ban Tha Sawang: from the preparation of the silk cocoons to the creation of stunning elaborate silk cloth on looms that require three people to operate them.  


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