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Kadeejeen-Klongsarn Centre slated for completion next year

Bangkok, 6 June, 2017 – The Kadeejeen-Klongsarn Centre, scheduled for completion in 2018, is being jointly developed as a community facility and a gateway to some of Bangkok’s oldest river-side communities in the Bangkok-Thonburi district. The educational and cultural facility will serve as a starting point for tourists and the general public seeking information and exchange idea and knowledge about the history of these areas, as well as act as a showcase for products from these communities.

Kadeejeen-Klongsarn Centre slated for completion next year

The facility is being developed in a 250 square metre plot by Bangkok’s historic Memorial Bridge adjacent to the riverfront court of the City Law Enforcement Department. This is where the communities of Kadeejeen and Klongsarn meet, making it the ideal location to serve the needs of both the communities especially as the area boasts connection to various kinds of transportation including road and water ways, and in the near future, the urban railways.

The Kadeejeen-Klongsarn Centre development is a joint effort between the Urban Design & Development Center (UddC) and ICONSIAM, which adheres to a philosophy of contributing to local communities, ensuring they are sustainable and will thrive into the future.

So there has have been regular meetings and consultations between ICONSIAM, UddC and the Kadeejeen-Klongsarn Community as well as home-owners, temples, schools, and government agencies to ensure that the latest the project will create benefit for the riverside communities and Bangkok in general.

The Kadeejeen-Klongsarn Center should also promote eco-tourism, and increase incomes for people in the communities to raise the living standards of the local people. ICONSIAM also believes in preserving natural resources and the environment of the Chao Phraya River so that it remains part of the heritage of all Bangkok dwellers as well as people living nearby.

Kadeejeen-Klongsarn Centre slated for completion next year


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