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MBK Center presents Amazing Carnival festive lights and decorations

MBK Center presents Amazing Carnival festive lights and decorations

MBK Center, one of the most-visited shopping malls in Bangkok, is presenting ‘The Amazing Carnival’ festive lights and decorations, from now until 31 January 2018.

The highlight, the 18m Christmas tree, is uniquely decorated with Krajang, Thai double-leaf patterns, reflecting the Thainess of MBK Center. It also sets the tone for all decorations in the forms of fantasy circus that perfectly infuses both Thai and international elements.

The amazing caravan itself is led by Nong Mangkud, the largest character of the showcase, surrounded by a circus car from space. Nong Mangkud is described as a 14-year-old girl with purple skin, holding a weird ball in her hands and representing people of all age.

Other fun characters have included Minky, the little girl who can control the random-shaped animals; ‘Mhok’ the little dog with a face of a flower; ‘Chluay’ the elephant with a body of a banana; ‘Makrub’ and ‘Maja’ sculptures joined in with their neck decoration; ‘Jamue,’ the nose that runs around the event and flaunts the arms and hands around him; ‘Jow,’ the kangaroo with a tail on his face; and the apple army with three arms representing the tender friendship.

MBK Center has been very successful in incorporating arts in its decoration. Both street arts and ‘Makrub’ and ‘Maja’ sculptures have become Bangkok’s landmark that visitors come to take photos with.

MBK Center is located in the heart of Bangkok, at the Pathumwan Intersection.

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