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TAT supports Thai government’s anti-human trafficking effort

Bangkok, 20 March, 2018 – The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is lending its full support behind the Royal Thai Government’s on-going effort to combat human trafficking.

The government is actively and continuously campaigning to all stakeholders via various channels; such as, publicising via an in-flight video on both domestic and international flights by Thailand’s airlines to create awareness among international travellers that Thailand is committed to solving the problem of human trafficking.

The Ministry of Tourism and Sports has also produced and distributed extensive anti-human trafficking campaign materials, both in Thai and English, targeting both potential domestic and international tourists who seeking inappropriate tourism activities. The campaign is slowly influencing change in social values and the mind-set of individuals who seek such services. Campaign messages are also successfully reaching a target group of Thai entrepreneurs and professions in the entertainment and tourism sectors to discourage them from providing services that might lead to human trafficking.

The Thai government believes it has a moral obligation to build awareness that paying for any tourism services, which are directly or indirectly related to human trafficking, are wrong

During 2017, combatting human trafficking remained at the top of Thailand’s national agenda.  Throughout last year, the Royal Thai Government redoubled its efforts with a firm determination to tackle problems in all areas.

This included pursuing a proactive course of action in prosecuting wrong-doers and carrying out comprehensive measures to prevent vulnerable individuals from falling prey to human traffickers.  Complicit public officials directly involved in human trafficking were prosecuted during 2017, as well as those receiving bribes and kickbacks.

Responsible Thai authorities and government agencies, both front-line and operational, are continually being educated, and training is being provided about the need to better detect signs of human trafficking whilst showing empathy for victims and making sure to protect their human rights and that of key witnesses needed for legal enforcement and prosecution of human trafficking criminals and organised crime syndicates.

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