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TAT takes travellers on Zodiac-based magical mystery tours

Welcome to the new ‘Age of Aquarius’ in Thailand. For the first time, holiday makers from around the world can now enjoy Thai local experiences based on their individual ‘Sign of the Zodiac’. Per everyone’s astrological sign, here they are perfectly paired with an award-winning tour programme promoted by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT).

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Chiang Mai for Capricorns

‘Smoke on the Water’ Mountain Biking Day Tour – Capricorns’ ambitious and disciplined demeanour can also make volunteer vacations that balance relaxation with giving back a great option for these serious thinkers who long for deep connections. Along this route, visitors will get to enjoy the scenic view of Doi Suthep and Doi Pui as well as getting to experience the way of the local hill tribe life as well. Holidays that combine family and fun are a great fit for Capricorns, who are reserved, but love having people around.

An Aquarius in Bangkok

‘Talad Noi Neighbourhood’ – This air sign of Aquarius is known for its independence and single-mindedness about their preferences in life and in vacations. This Bangkok community tour guide programme presents the local identity of urban community in the city through the lens of tourism and the local people’s way of life in the Talad Noi community. The culture and traditions of this local community were explored through conversation and exchange of ideas with local people. Aquarius love to venture off-the-beaten path to find cultural wonders that appeals to their originality and inventiveness.

Phang Nga for Pisces

‘Surin Moken Experience’ – Pisces’ escapist tendencies make holidays mandatory. This tour programme offers the experience of visiting the Moken community who reside in the Mu Ko Surin National Park. Visitors will get to experience the culture and the way of Moken community that includes handcrafting, diving, and longtail boat travel. Pisces, the water sign, is dreamy by nature and thrives in beautiful environments that are far away from everything but their own imagination. Pisces are easily bored, so best to make sure to leave plenty of room in the itinerary for daydreaming.

Phetchaburi Aries Experience

‘Cycling Tour in Phetchaburi’ — This two-day and one-night cycling tour in Phetchaburi combines the beauty of Thai local experiences with letting travellers participate in social activities that benefit the local community in Phetchaburi. This is perfect because Aries are an independent, energetic bunch who won’t be happy spending their precious holidays sitting poolside. Instead they prefer to be constantly on the move helping each other with a drive for the next adventure and a new tale to tell.

South Thai Taurus Chic

‘The Luxurious Local Experience’ – A glamorous and local experience in the paradise of the southern Thai seas. It lets Taurus say yes to a chic sand sea sun paradise in Southern Thailand with style. Explore the ocean paradise that it has to offer and enjoy your Thai local travel experience with communities of local seafaring folk. Not to be missed is the famous, fresh delicious seafood straight out of the ocean. While Taurus are known for being warm-hearted and loving, they are also self-indulgent and love to splurge on a luxury hotel in a relaxing destination.

Bangkok’s Gemini Gems

‘Explore Bangkok’s Hidden Gems’ – Come explore the hidden gems of Bangkok’s old neighbourhoods and support community social projects Gemini style. Experience the different Thai local experiences and traditions of six local communities and participate in a range of fascinating cultural activities, many of which are slowly being forgotten and lost in time. Gemini as Air signs are known for being adaptable to almost any situation they are thrown into and thrive in new situations. That flexibility, though, can mean they bore easily, especially when they aren’t challenged. When it comes to holidays, Geminis should be kept on the move. That’s why big cities filled with new experiences or multiple destinations in one trip that is perfect for the Gemini traveller.

Phuket for Leos

‘The Phuket Explorer’ – This tour programme provides a unique experience of Phuket where it focuses on the urban life that reflects on the long tradition of Phuket community. Visitors will also get to know the scenic view of Phuket city from the special sight-seeing spot as well as getting to experience the local agricultural way of Thai people like rice panting, and rubber tapping. Leo the lion is known for their fiery energy and flair for the dramatic. Leos love to be where the action is—the biggest party, the most fun, the most drool-worthy setting—and ideally as the centre of attention.

Cancer Cross Country Thai Tour

‘The Seven Days of Thailand’ – This exclusive tour programme offers the VIP service for visitors who desire to travel from Bangkok to Ayutthaya, Phitsanulok, Sukhothai, Phrae, Chiang Rai, and Chiang Mai. The programme is for seven days and six nights where visitors can get to visit various historical sites such as the Ayutthaya historical park, the Sukhothai historical park, both UNESCO World Heritage sites. Additional activities also include visiting the organic farm, rice planting, dyeing, and traditional style cooking. Cancer family holidays with close friends are ideal for these water signs, who can use the opportunity to show off their nurturing tendencies and take care of everyone.

Virgo Dolphins in Khanom

‘Khanom Dolphin Conservation Tour’ – This one-day tour programme offers the chance to experience the Gulf of Thailand while exploring the islands around the Khanom Bay. Visitors can help rebuild local communities by replanting depleted mangrove forest and explore the beauty in Khao Wang Thong Cave. Virgos love a detailed itinerary, tend to research all the best spots far in advance, and may be ready to share their Google maps marked with all the best restaurants, markets, and coffee shops. Use those perfectionist tendencies to your travel advantage by arranging cooking classes or mapping out bike tours. 

Libra Thai Foodie Feast

‘Thai Local Food Experience’ – Bangkok is well known as a vibrant food hub with delicious food – and so are bordering provinces Nakorn Pathom and Samut Songkram. During this trip, enjoy Nang Leong community nestled in the heart of Bangkok, Nakorn Pathom – Thailand’s ‘first & oldest city’ 80 km away from Bangkok (home to the world’s tallest stupa and a legendary street food night market), and Samut Songkram, a chill oasis interwoven with a maze of canals and serene homestays. Libras love tranquillity and have a penchant for the romance. Their perfect holidays include itineraries that balance peace, food and variety. Look for destinations that have both quiet corners with shops, restaurants, and cultural sights for when a more gregarious type of hunger strikes.

Chiang Mai’s Sensual Scorpio

‘Blissful Journey of Rejuvenation’ – Say hello to nature, relax your body and mind and embrace a beautiful, natural journey in Chiang Mai where you can place all your cares behind you as you soak in the relaxing atmosphere of Thailand’s most famed mountain city which will quickly rejuvenate and bring back your energy in a most blissful way. Scorpio’s intense nature means that to truly unwind, they’ll need to unplug to recharge. While Scorpios love to commune with nature, they may not want to rough it and pack all their belongings into the jungle — even though they have the determination to make it happen.

Sagittarius in Mae Hong Son

‘Fly Fishing Project’ –  This fishing tour program in Mae Hong Son is one thing the town is famous for among the anglers as it provides an international experience for visitors. Here, not only will get to learn the Thai local way of life, they will also get to contribute to the local tourism programme that follows the sufficiency economy philosophy as well. Sagittarius is depicted as a centaur in astrology, armed with a bow and ready for the hunt, or in modern lore with a fishing rod ready to fish. As a traveller this means always seeking the new and the now, whether that means getting down to fish or seeking an under-the-radar, untouched destination.

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