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Thailand launches ‘Buy With Confidence’ programme, promoting Thai gem and jewellery

Thailand launches Buy With Confidence programme

Bangkok, 5 April, 2018 – Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce has launched a ‘Buy With Confidence’ programme that will issue certifications to ensure the quality and standard of Thai gem and jewellery with the objective of boosting confidence among Thai and international consumers.

The Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand (GIT) has been assigned to carry out the ‘Buy With Confidence’ programme in cooperation with relevant government agencies, including the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, the Office of the Consumer Protection Board, and the Tourist Police Bureau.

The programme is expected to help increase confidence among local and international consumers as well as to enhance the opportunity for businesses to sell certified gem and jewellery to tourists.

According to the Ministry of Commerce, the GIT’s facilities include a world-class gem and jewellery laboratory that is supervised by the Thai government. Staffed with highly experienced gemologists and equipped with the world’s most advanced instruments, GIT’s services are trustworthy and widely recognised worldwide.

Consumers can be confident that every piece of jewellery certified by GIT is trustworthy and is qualified according to the accompanying Gem and Jewellery Certification document. The institute has selected gem, gold and jewellery shops and businesses that pass the qualifying standards to participate as members of the programme to receive gems and jewellery certifications from GIT as well as other numerous benefits.

Currently nearly 140 companies have applied for membership to this programme, with 68 passing the initial standard and have recently been awarded certificates. Within 2018, GIT aims to expand membership of the ‘Buy With Confidence’ programme to 500 companies, targeting cities such as Bangkok, Chanthaburi and other key tourist destinations.

Companies awarded with the certification are encouraged to display the programme’s sticker in front of their shops. There will be a QR code for consumers to scan for details about the shop as well as QR codes on the products to see certification on specific pieces of jewellery. Consumers can also ask for physical copies of the certification from the shop to match the slogan of the program: “Buy With Confidence, Look for GIT certificate to ensure the products on sale and Buy With Confidence.”

Thailand launches Buy With Confidence programme Thailand launches Buy With Confidence programme Thailand launches Buy With Confidence programme

Should any issues arise between buyers and shops in the ‘Buy With Confidence’ programme, buyers can lodge a complaint by calling Hotline 1166 (Office of the Consumer Protection Board), or 1155 (Tourist Police Bureau) or 1569 (Department of Internal Trade), which are partners of the institute.

According to the Ministry of Commerce, the gem and jewellery industry is one of the key industries in Thailand, ranking third in exports after automotive and computers, generating 435 billion Baht in exports and 533 billion Baht in domestic trading, accounting for nearly one trillion Baht of turnover or 6.3 percent of the country’s GDP.

Foreign tourists are also key buyers of gem and jewellery products. Last year, Thailand welcomed 35.38 million tourists. Of the total, Chinese tourists accounted for the largest group totalling around 10 million.

The ‘Buy With Confidence’ programme is expected to help generate an additional 10 billion Baht in sales of cash and carry goods to foreign tourists which will result in the total sales of gem and jewellery in this category reaching 45 billion Baht, a 30 percent increase, according to the Ministry of Commerce.

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