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BDMS launches wellness clinic for regenerative and preventive medicine in Bangkok

Bangkok, 4 June, 2018 – Bangkok Dusit Medical Service (BDMS) has announced that the much-anticipated BDMS Wellness Clinic, a dedicated wellness and prevention centre that will provide a wide range of personalised services to prevent disease and promote a long and healthy life, will be opened within this year.

BDMS is currently in the process of transforming the former Park Nai Lert Hotel on Wireless Road, Bangkok, into a comprehensive preventive medical centre with seven specialised clinics: Regenerative Clinic, Neuroscience Clinic, Musculoskeletal and Sports Clinic, Cardioscience Clinic, Digestive Wellness Clinic, Dental Clinic, and Fertility Clinic.

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Mr. Raymond Chong, Chief Executive Officer of BDMS Wellness Clinic, said: “The installation of medical equipment and interior decoration is currently in process. BDMS Clinic is expected to officially open for services within this year. We are thrilled to offer this unique service as part of the BDMS healthcare system and contribute to helping people live longer, healthier and happier lives.”

The BDMS Wellness Clinic is led by Chief Operating Officer Dr. Tanupol Virunhagarun, who’s also one of Southeast Asia’s leading experts in the field of anti-aging and regenerative medicine; and world-renowned musculoskeletal and sports medicine specialist Professor Dr. Jirí Dvorák, who’s also the former Chief Medical Officer at FIFA.

Dr. Tanupol said: “The prevailing wisdom is that prevention is always better than cure. And while the BDMS network of hospitals have made significant investment in elevating its clinical services to provide world-class healthcare services using the latest medical technologies, the best chances we have for eradicating diseases is to prevent them from occurring in the first place.

“We know today that many biggest health risks, such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes, can often be prevented if the body is kept at optimal health. This becomes even more important as we get older and more susceptible to illness,” he added.

According to Dr. Tanupol, advancements in regenerative medicine today allow BDMS Wellness Clinic’s medical specialists to examine the body down to the molecular level.

He said: “Through the application of leading-edge technology and highly trained specialists in regenerative and preventive medicine, we are able to develop a personalised programme based on highly detailed lab results examining the whole body, including hormones, micronutrient and antioxidant levels, inflammation markers, and in-depth genetic analysis.

“From this, our in-house compounding pharmacy can develop a supplement programme to balance deficiencies and help the body reach an optimum state,” Dr. Tanupol added.

Exercise has also been proven to be a very effective form of treatment for both healthy individuals and those with injuries or chronic conditions. BDMS Wellness Clinic announced that it sought the most advanced and effective exercise technology available today, the DAVID Health Solution from Finland, making it the only centre in Asia to house the complete range of DAVID equipment.

BDMS Wellness Clinic - DAVID health solution equipment

The BDMS Wellness Clinic musculoskeletal and sports medicine experts provide individually tailored programmes to ensure pain-free, therapeutic exercises targeting key problem areas such as the spine, hip and knee, and shoulder joints.

BDMS is one of the largest and most prestigious hospital networks in the Asia-Pacific region, with 45 hospitals across its network. Ranked among the top five private hospital groups in the world, it offers advanced medical care and treatment to patients from across the globe. With the addition of the dedicated BDMS Wellness Clinic, it affirms its dedication to health promotion with customised health programs tailored the unique needs of each individual patient.

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