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Buri Ram joins Thailand Shopping and Dining Paradise 2018 campaign

Buri Ram, 5 July, 2018 – The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) in cooperation with Buri Ram province, Buri Ram’s Office of Tourism and Sports and strategic partners in the public and private sector recently announced the opening of “Buri Ram, Blue City…lots of goods, lots of fun!” under the Thailand Shopping and Dining Paradise 2018 campaign.

Buri Ram joins Thailand Shopping and Dining Paradise 2018 campaign

The grand opening of the “Buri Ram, Blue City…lots of goods, lots of fun!” event, held on 29 June, was presided over by TAT Governor Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn and Buri Ram’s Governor, Mr. Anusorn Kaewkangwan

The “Buri Ram, Blue City…lots of goods, lots of fun!” is being held from 29 June to 31 July 2018 at Buriram Castle. Visitors will find many quality products, restaurants, local shops and premium tour services; such as, Teen Daeng Silk, Phu Akanee cloth, Jing-Num Kha Moo Nang Rong, Play La Ploen Boutique Resort and Adventure Camp.

Visitors can also join “Cook It Yourself, Food for Charity” activities with Buri Ram’s Chef Plus, to help raise funds for the lunch programme of the Children’s Foundation. There are also many prizes from various games and activities; such as, with every 200 Baht of purchases, visitors can receive a coupon for a chance to win an air ticket from Thai AirAsia, hotel vouchers, souvenirs from TAT and other sponsors.

TAT Governor Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn said: “The TAT recognises Buri Ram as a destination with great potential to accommodate both Thai and foreign tourists because of the outstanding diversity in both tourism and sports.”

According to Buri Ram’s Governor Mr. Anusorn Kaewkangwan, the “Buri Ram, Blue City…lots of goods, lots of fun!” event offers an opportunity for local entrepreneurs to present their products and services to tourists. The activity will also help boost the local economy and showcase Buri Ram’s potential as one the popular travel destinations in Northeastern Thailand.

He added that “Buri Ram is ready to accommodate tourists due to its distinctive sports; such as, football and marathons. There are also famous festivals, traditions, landmarks and local foods in Buri Ram, which are the reasons why this province is one of the popular tourist destinations”

The TAT’s annual Thailand Shopping and Dining Paradise 2018 campaign is being held from 1 June – 31 August in Bangkok and secondary tourism cities, which are the important economic cities. It is aimed to encourage Thai and foreign visitors to shop in the Green Season. It also corresponds with the Royal Thai Government’s policy which focusses on distribution of travel and income to stimulate local economy.

Mr. Yuthasak said: “The campaign offers a variety of products, including Thai designed products and international quality services. We also intend to present the charm of Thai cuisine, which is different in each area because we believe that the taste of local food is a part of the travelling experiences. Thailand is the centre of food from around the world for both street food and fine-dining restaurants, and we consider food tourism as a main strategy to help boost local economy.”

The Thailand Shopping and Dining Paradise 2018 campaign has received support from all partners; such as, credit card providers, airlines, department stores, local entrepreneurs, the Thai Hotels Association, Thai Spa Association, Thai Restaurant Association, Thai Gems and Jewelry Traders Association, and tourism industry entrepreneurs.

Mr. Korawit Wongprasert, TAT’s Director of Tourism Investment Department, said the Thailand Shopping & Dining Paradise 2018 campaign in Buri Ram has received support from both the government and private sectors.

“More than 260 modern traders all over the city; such as, spas, restaurants and car rentals are participating in this campaign and they are offering many promotions for all visitors. This will result in the circulation and distribution of income in both primary and secondary cities. The aim is to offer quality products to both Thai and foreign tourists,” Mr. Korawit added.

For further information, please contact:
TAT Contact Centre: 1672

TAT Tourism Investment Promotion Division
Tel: (+66) 2 250 5500 Ext. 2940-43
Facebook page: Thailandshoppingdining

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