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Buy With Confidence, Look for Shops Certified by the Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand

Buy with Confidence Campaign is an initiative implemented by the Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand (Public Organization) under a policy of the Minister of Commerce with collaboration with other governmental agencies; namely, the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Office of the Consumer Protection Board, Department of Tourism, and Tourist Police Bureau to set up standards and build confidence among consumers and tourists through GIT’s gem and jewelry certification reports. The campaign was launched in April 2018, click here for full details.

Business operators joining the campaign receive stickers with the campaign’s logo to be displayed in front of their shops or establishments. A product under the campaign carries a BWC tag with a QR code, which consumers can scan to see its quality certification report issued by GIT at any time. This will assure buyers of product quality without any worry about getting deceived.

The campaign promotes selling gem and jewelry products with GIT’s quality certification reports, which help strengthen confidence in product quality consumers. Moreover, it helps reduce the number of criminals and scammers who deceitfully sell substandard and counterfeit products.

The GIT has been focusing on publicising the campaign to domestic and international consumers through various channels to build recognition and eagerness in buying gem and jewelry products with a quality certification report to promote a favourable image of the Thai gem and jewelry business. This includes a promotional video in English and Chinese.

For more details on the Buy with Confidence Campaign, log on to:
Facebook: Buy with Confidence

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