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Phuket Boat Incidents: Latest update on funeral and financial assistance

Issued at 10.00 Hrs. (GMT+7) on 16 July 2018

The ‘Command and Rescue Centre of the Capsizing Incident’ at the Phuket Provincial Hall has provided the latest update that an autopsy and identity verification process is underway for the 47th body retrieved last night. Thereafter, a funeral will be held for the last victim at a local temple in Phuket.

Authorities have already arranged funerals for 39 victims and sent seven other bodies back home.

The Ministry of Tourism and Sports’ Foreign Tourists Assistance Fund and respective insurance firms have so far paid 61,928,000 Baht in total compensation for injured tourists and families of those who lost their lives.

The families of 29 victims from the sunken boat, Phoenix, have received 2.1 million Baht each, comprising one million Baht from the Ministry of Tourism and Sports’ Foreign Tourists Assistance Fund, one million Baht from Bangkok Insurance, and another 100,000 Baht from ThaiSri Insurance.

The Foreign Tourists Assistance Fund was also paid for mental rehabilitation of 12 tourists at 20,000 Baht each. Of these, 11 tourists also claimed for the disruption of travel and were paid 88,000 Baht in total.

Meanwhile, 35 passengers of another sunken boat, Sereniga, have submitted petitions for mental rehabilitation at 700,000 Baht in total. Two passengers expressed no intention to claim for compensation while two others did not board the boat.

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