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TAT Newsroom unveils new travel documentary series ‘The Seasons’

Bangkok, 19 November, 2018 – The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) recently unveiled the second season of its own travel documentary series, titled ‘The Seasons’, in support of the ongoing “Amazing Thailand Open to the New Shades” communication concept launched in visitor source markets around the world.

Mr. Tanes Petsuwan, TAT Deputy Governor for Marketing Communications, said: “The Seasons travel documentary series will continue to promote Thai values through Thailand’s unique way of life, while placing emphasis on the importance of sustainable and responsible tourism as each episode narrates inspiring stories of the kingdom through three magical times of the year.

“The Seasons” follows on the success of the first series ‘Insight Thainess’ launched between March and October, this year. The seven-part travel documentary series received rave reviews from members of the media, travel industry professionals and visitors from around the world for the insightful tales of Thai culture and way of life. (see all seven ‘Insight Thainess’ episodes, click here)

Mr. Kitsana Kaewtumrong, TAT Executive Director of Advertising and Publications Department, said: “Thailand has three seasons in a year: rainy, cool, and summer, and The Seasons will reveal the untold stories of the unique way of life of the Thai people and the amazing scenery of natural attractions in different regions up and down the country in 12 episodes that will be rolling out between October 2018 and September 2019.”

There are four episodes for each of the three seasons, with the first episode representing the rainy season recently uploaded on the TAT Newsroom.

The Seasons Episode 1: Into the Rainforest features the Hala Bala Wildlife Sanctuary in Thailand’s southernmost tip, an enormous home where flora and fauna coexist in harmony, a natural marketplace for the locals, a laboratory for researchers, a natural classroom for children, and a refreshing reward for visitors.

The other three episodes that represent the rainy season are ‘Where the Waters Are’ and ‘Step of the Paddy Fields’ in Northern Thailand, and ‘Mangrove in the Rain’ in Southern Thailand.

Representing the cool season are ‘The Highest Faith (Wat Phra Bat Phutthawat)’ and ‘Gone in the Mist’ in Northern Thailand, ‘The End of the Cliff’ in the Northeast, and ‘The Sea of Lives’ in Southern Thailand.

For summer, the four episodes are ‘The Ancient Stone’, ‘Colour of a Day’ and ‘Green Island’ in Southern Thailand, and ‘Shades of Beauty’ in the Northeast.

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