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TAT debuts new ‘Hidden Shades of Amazing Thailand’ commercial

Bangkok, 26 December 2018 – The Tourism Authority of Thailand’s (TAT) new TV commercial, ‘Hidden Shades of Amazing Thailand’, is making its satellite television debut on the BBC channel across Asia Pacific this 27 December 2018 after having been broadcast on CNN on 20 December 2018.

It first previewed to great fanfare at the World Travel Mart 2018 in London in November, then created an online exposure on Facebook and YouTube on 18 December.

“We are very grateful for the positive response so far. Both BBC and CNN are among the world’s influential channels that will be effective in engaging global audiences with this message,” TAT Governor Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn, said. “The ‘Hidden Shades of Amazing Thailand’ commercial is the culmination of years of work to promote the entire kingdom that makes up Amazing Thailand.”

The commercial promotes secondary cities in line with the ‘Amazing Thailand Go Local’ policy. It endeavours to better balance tourists and tourism revenue distribution between urban and rural areas while softening peak travel seasonality.

It also expands on the TAT’s ‘Amazing Thailand Open to the New Shades’ concept that is founded on open-mindedness and diversity.  That means Thailand is ready to welcome all visitors with a common and genuine warmth and hospitality.

In 2019, the TAT’s ‘Amazing Thailand Open to the New Shades’ concept will continue to be expanded with new experiences and perspectives discovered among old and new tourist attractions.

These ‘hidden shades’ provide immersive experiences that allow tourists to connect with locals and discover cultural insights organically. These include off-the-beaten-track destinations, organisations engaged in exemplary responsible tourism practices, plus popular destinations positioned in a new light for first-time visitors.

The interaction of tourists with locals and their unique way of life ensures each visitor has a different perspective to share with the world and on life itself, perhaps only to live a pure moment of true rest and relaxation in Thailand.

In reality tourism perspective is subjective. Each visitor to Thailand has a different experience from one person to the next as a result of the person’s base experiences and expectations. TAT’s ‘Amazing Thailand Open to the New Shades’ understands this and aims to inspire visitors to accept Thailand, its people and Thainess with an open and beautiful mind.

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