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TAT issues travel advisory on Bangkok’s air pollution

Bangkok, 15 January, 2019 – The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is advising tourists to monitor Bangkok’s air pollution and take precautions when necessary as unhealthy conditions continue after the air quality index (US AQI) peaked at 183 in parts of the Thai capital.

TAT understands that the Department of Royal Rainmaking and Agricultural Aviation will attempt to create artificial rain over the city as early as Tuesday, 15 January to curb the city’s air pollution that threatens the health of tourists and residents alike. The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) quoted the Pollution Control Department as saying that the timing would depend on humidity and wind direction.

In the meantime, TAT advises that tourists should take any necessary precautions to ensure they protect themselves.

TAT will continue to assess the overall situation and issue timely updates as appropriate, while assuring all that the relevant Thai authorities are doing everything possible to minimise the impact of the smog on visitors from abroad as well as residents.

Key Facts

Bangkok’s pollution remained at harmful levels (over 150 US AQI) for the fourth straight day on Monday 14 January and was likely to remain for up to another month due to weather patterns, experts predicted.  People wearing masks became a common sight in inner areas of the capital as visitors were greeted by thick smog forcing them to consider face masks to protect against dirty air.

*Featured image: Bangkok (file photo)

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