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TAT’s Thailand tourism update regarding the haze situation in Northern Thailand

Bangkok, 3 April, 2019 – The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) wishes to reiterate our previous advisory for tourists visiting Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and the surrounding provinces to monitor air quality index reports and take necessary precautions amid air quality concerns arising from the current haze situation in Northern Thailand.

Tourists can monitor the overall air quality of Thailand provided daily by the Pollution Control Department under the Ministry of Public Health, via the Air4Thai website (link) or download the mobile application “Air4Thai” on App Store (link) or Google Play (link).

Precautions people can take to help protect themselves against the unhealthy air include wearing an N95-rated face mask whenever going outside. Anyone experiencing respiratory problems or other suspected effects of the haze are advised to see a doctor or pharmacist immediately.

TAT’s actions to help minimise the problem

As Thailand’s national tourist office, TAT stands ready to support the government and public and private sector efforts that are underway to resolve the haze problem.

TAT in cooperation with Chiang Mai Municipality have installed water tunnels, fountains, water curtains and artificial waterfalls at key locations, such as, the old city areas around Tha Pae Gate, Navarat Bridge and various shopping malls.

In addition, TAT has sought cooperation from the public and private sectors with high office buildings as well as attractions to help reduce dust by cleaning their premises and spraying water ahead of the Chiang Mai Songkran Festival 2019.

Tourist attractions and transportation in Northern Thailand

Hotels, attractions and tourist activities in Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and the surrounding provinces are operating normally with operators strictly follow safety guidelines issued by local authorities.

For air travel, the haze may affect flight operations causing delays; thus, passengers are advised to check the flight status from the airline that they are travelling on or ask the Airport’s authority for the latest update. Otherwise, all airports in Northern Thailand as well as all other modes of transportation, including rail, road and waterways, are operating normally.

Tourist attractions and transportation in other parts of Thailand

Elsewhere in Thailand, tourist attractions and public places should all be open as usual. April is the time to celebrate Songkran or the Thai New Year, where boisterous fun and ancient traditions go hand-in-hand. For more information about the event, click: Songkran Festival 2019.

To get a realistic assessment of tourism conditions on the ground, tourists and tourism-related operators can contact the TAT’s local offices in Thailand as listed here, or call the TAT Contact Centre on 1672.

*Photo gallery: some authority actions in Chiang Mai to tackle the haze situation.  

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