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Various services for the people participating in the Royal Coronation of King Rama X

The general public has been urged to participate in the historic events as part of the Royal Coronation Ceremony. The Joint Administration Command for the Coronation of King Rama X is ready to provide facilitation for the people, as everyone is regarded as the “King’s guests.”

Bangkok, 29 April 2019 – The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is pleased to share useful information that the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is preparing many services, such as food, rest areas, and mobile toilets, as well as facilitation for the people traveling in the inner city of Bangkok to join the Royal Coronation of King Rama X.

BMA and its networks will set up “royal kitchens” to provide food for the people coming to attend audiences with His Majesty the King on this special occasion.

The Joint Administration Command for the Royal Coronation of King Rama X has designated six areas for BMA to set up the kitchens to prepare food for about 160,000 people. The six areas include Wat Thepsirin, Ban Manangkhasila, Nang Loeng Race Course, the foot of the Memorial Bridge, Ban Phitsanulok, and Rama VIII Bridge in Bang Phlat district.

BMA staff will work with personnel from 19 ministries to prepare snacks as well as drinking water for the public. It will also provide rest areas, with bedding, for 1,000 persons at the Bangkok Youth Center, Din Daeng.

On this occasion, the Ministry of Public Health is preparing many medical teams to take care of the people. Health services are available at various spots in six zones: under Phra Pin Klao Bridge and nearby areas, Coin Museum and nearby areas, Wat Sam Phraya and nearby areas, Devas Insurance and nearby areas, Sao Ching Cha Intersection and nearby areas, and Tangtrongchit Commercial Technological College and nearby areas.

Source: Foreign Office, The Government Public Relations Department

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