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TAT launches “Experiencing ASEAN POP Culture” campaign

Bangkok, 16 September 2019 – The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is promoting local cities with the recent launch of its latest “Experiencing ASEAN POP Culture” campaign, which is also aimed at creating greater awareness of the authentic value of localised culture through Pop culture lifestyle.

The campaign will see connectivity of a variety of food, art, literature, music and sport being emphasised in the Thai cities of Chiang Rai, Sukhothai and Trat as well as the ASEAN cities of Battambang and Mandalay. These cities will see famous artists from Thailand and the ASEAN region taking part in arts and cultural activities in the focused areas and giving as national heritage.

TAT launches “Experiencing ASEAN POP Culture” campaign

In photo, standing on the stage: Mr. Klissada Ratanapruk, TAT Executive Director, ASEAN South Asia and South Pacific Region (4th from left); Mr. Napintorn Srisunpang, Deputy Minister of Tourism and Sports (4th from right); Ms. Aroonroong Srivaddhanaprabha, Assistant Chief Financial Officer of King Power Group (3rd from right) in a group photo with the Ambassador’s representatives as well as, the campaign’s participating artists

Mr. Klissada Ratanapruk, TAT Executive Director, ASEAN South Asia and South Pacific Region, said that “This year Thailand is honoured to have been appointed as ASEAN host of this event. We truly support secondary destinations with our Experiencing ASEAN POP Culture project and aim to promote tourism industry among neighboring countries.

“That is the reason why TAT seriously sorts out exquisite and splendid secondary cities where owning rich culture and local wisdom while connect all aspect such as food, arts, literature, fashion, music, sports and media, into this campaign.

“The striking identity of each secondary cities will be deliberated into POP Culture by selected artists to show the beauty and liveliness of these places. We strongly believe that this project will ignite travelling trend towards Asian regions by having Thailand as a humble hub and increase robustness as well as opportunity of gaining sustainable income to the local.

“New comer tourists who fond for cultural art and adventurous journey is our target. Moreover, we focus especially on distinctive places featuring amazing performance from extraordinary artists as our strength.”

Ms. Aroonroong Srivaddhanaprabha, Assistant Chief Financial Officer of King Power Group, said “King Power as a global leading tourism and a gateway for international tourists fully supports this significant campaign of TAT. There are many beautiful and gorgeous places in Thailand where theirs uniqueness and value have not yet unfolded.

“The strategy of engaging well-known artists into “Experience ASEAN POP Culture” project could draw tourists around the world especially European and Chinese to explore our cultural experience and may lead to further planning for other secondary destinations in Thailand.”

Furthermore, this “Experiencing ASEAN POP Culture” project by TAT is focusing on outstanding subsidiary cities namely, Chiang Khong District in Chiang Rai, Sawankhalok District, Sukhothai and Laem Ngop District, Trat in Thailand, and the neighbpring cities of Battambang in Cambodia and Mandalay in Myanmar and combine with over 10 native artists to bring about the splendid art work.

With the collaboration and dedication of Toma William from Vietnam, Peap and Lisa, painters from Cambodia, Alison Shore; Filipino singer and composer, Jirayu Koo, Thai illustrator and Vinn , Patararin, two architects from Thailand such spectacular and extraordinary arts are bursting. Each piece of art has been interpreted and created by each characteristic artist whom aims to engage Asian charm into their artwork. This successful cultural assimilation project may not be done without a great support during entire campaign from King Power International Company, Bangkok Airways Airline, Beger Paint Company, Mercure Mandaly Hill Resort Hotel and BMW Thailand Company Limited.

On the “Experiencing ASEAN POP Culture” press conference day will comprise of remarkable activities such as the opening show “Open to the new shade”, Rap Show by Run Trat, special talk with exclusive artists both from Thailand and ASEAN; Jackkrit, ChefBlack, Vinn, Patararin, Jirayu, Peap, Lisa, Ceno and Nadzri, panel session “An influence of pop culture toward tourism industry” by Nicolas, Andrew, Suryono, Achmed Nadzri Haji Harif, Kamol Phaosavasdi and Michael E. Messner and finally  Exhibition Exploring of 5 local cities. The exhibition will stay open during 13-15 September at the Crown Atrium, 2nd floor, KING POWER Rangnam.

Lastly, privileged catering service highlight by Chef Black who elaborates his special menu inspiring by each subsidiary destinations to challenge all guests’ taste bud will be served as well as BMW X2 Car painting by artists and guests of honor is another interesting activity. Those outstanding cars will be shown around designated routes like 3D & Interactive Public Art at Laem Ngop, Trat, Street Art District also neighboring cities in Sawankhalok, Sukhothai as part of the public relations promotion.

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