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The Seasons Episode 11: Where The Waters Are

TAT Newsroom Short Documentary
The Seasons Episode 11: Where The Waters Are
Duration:  3 Minutes
Theme: Rainy Adventure
Location: Pi Tu Kro Waterfall


If you are a traveller who is passionate about trekking and is ready to immerse yourself in an adventure up on a high hill, “Pi Tu Kro Waterfall” is the place you shouldn’t miss.

Pi Tu Kro is the name of the highest waterfall in Thailand. Located in the Sam Muen mountain range in Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary in Tak province, the waterfall is as high as 500 metres. A sprinkle of rain kept falling as a Karen – our local guide – led us across the mountain.

Most of the trails remain unexplored, the total distance of which is approximately 60 km. At the beginning of the trek, travellers will have an opportunity to experience the way of life of a Thai hill tribe in Kui Loe To village. Here, the villagers have kept their traditions and local wisdom intact. It is, therefore, another cultural tourist attraction that shouldn’t be missed. As travellers go further into the forest area of the Sanctuary, they will have to traverse the mountain range and streams for 4 hours, during which everyone immerses themselves in the beauty of rare plants and blooming flowers along the way until reaching Pi Tu Kro.

In front stands the waterfall created by two streams merging such that its shape looks like a heart. And given the height of the waterfall…often we will find the waterfall being surrounded by fog and haze as water runs calmly through the gullies…so picturesque that you can’t help wondering if you are in heaven.

About “The Seasons”

“The Seasons Episode 11: Where The Waters Are” is part of the 12- episode travel documentary series that reveal the untold stories of the unique way of life of the Thai people and the amazing scenery of natural attractions in different regions. There are four episodes for each of the three seasons that Thailand has in a year: rainy, cool and summer.

“The Seasons” follows the TAT Newsroom’s inaugural seven-part travel documentary series, titled ‘Insight Thainess’, to promote Thai values through the country’s unique way of life.

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