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TAT unveils ‘The Expected Feeling’ documentary series

Episodes invite travellers from around the world to discover unexpected travel experiences in Amazing Thailand.

Bangkok, 13 November, 2019 – The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)’s annual short documentary is being produced under the theme of ‘The Expected Feeling’ in line with the TAT’s marketing communication concept ‘Open to the New Shades’. It invites travellers from around the world to discover unexpected travel experiences in Amazing Thailand.

Now in its third year, ‘The Expected Feeling’ comprises a total of 12 episodes that present the amazing wisdom of local communities up and down the Kingdom. It portrays how Thais make use of natural materials found locally to create fine art and handicrafts.

Mr. Kitsana Kaewtumrong, Executive Director, TAT’s Advertising and Public Relations Department said, “The masterpiece achieved is not just a pretty or unique commercially viable item. It’s all about the process that creates art, using time-honoured techniques in combination with an artistic perspective that perfectly blends history, culture and local traditions. In many cases it is an art form or technique that is dying out and must be preserved.”

The first of the 12 episodes is ‘The Rhythm of Life’ that was filmed at Ekkarat village in Pa Mok district of Ang Thong province. It showcased the local residents who have made drums for a living for over 80 years.  The village captivates visitors with its dazzling display of all types of drums in various sizes and designs. 

These range from the Poeng Mang (a leather-faced drum set), Thon and Rammana (a hand drum set), Taphon (a barrel-shaped, two-headed horizontal drum), Klong That (a large barrel-shaped vertical drum), Klong Khaek (a tumbler-shaped double-headed drum), to even the eye-catching, brightly coloured Northern Thai Klong Puja (a set of drums for worshipping the Buddha).  But the most popular item is the Klong Yao (a long drum shaped like a tall goblet).  This drum is a symbol of the Ekkarat community, a permanent reminder of how long they have made percussion instruments with the craft handed down from generation to generation.

The local craftsmen make drums by repeating a very meticulous process. This involves selecting the right type of wood, lathing it, hollowing the piece, proportioning the drum stem then preparing the skin to cover it. By oral tradition, if even a minor mistake is made, the whole process must be started over. To complete the process of making a ‘Klong Yao’, the craftsmen have to devote their energy to selecting the best materials to create their masterpiece.

The ‘Expected Feeling’ episode one was launched by the TAT Newsroom on 8 November, 2019, while
the remaining 11 episodes will follow on a monthly basis. Other titles include ‘Sky with a Crescent
Moon’, ‘Coconut Treasure’, ‘Delicious Nuts’, and ‘The Art of Belief’, to name just a few

‘The Expected Feeling’ follows the success of TAT’s first two documentary series, called ‘Insight Thainess’ and ‘The Seasons’, respectively. The seven-part ‘Insight Thainess’ travel documentary was aired between March and October 2018 while the 12-episode ‘The Seasons’ series was aired between November 2018 and October 2019.

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