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The Unexpected Feeling Episode 5: Krajood (Grey Sedge) Handicrafts

The residents of Phanang Tung subdistrict, Phatthalung province, have inherited the wisdom of sedge weaving for over three generations. 

            In the old days, local people would weave sedge strips into household articles and even objects of intercommunity barter. 

Now that the demand for local handicraft products is increasing, groups of local villagers have come up with an initiative to apply their folk wisdom to create new products under the ‘eco trends’ concept. 

In response to the impact of climate change, these handicraft items are produced from 100% natural materials and designed to meet all target groups’ needs. 

Phanang Tung grey sedge products, featuring contemporary designs, are available in more than 100 categories including baskets, bags, lamps, cases, flat baskets, gift baskets, and even homestay ornaments. 

Although these articles seem to have left their original designs far behind, the making of each and every piece is still firmly rooted in the traditional sedge weaving wisdom. 

This could explain why Phanang Tung grey sedge handicrafts have remained unique and enjoyed unfading success over time.

Location: Phanang Tung, Phatthalung, Thailand

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