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TAT opens “Amazing Market” Facebook group to support local communities and restaurants

Bangkok, 18 April, 2020, at 14.00 Hrs. – The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has created a public Facebook group “Amazing Market” to offer a free platform for local communities, entrepreneurs and restaurants to generate revenue during the current Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) crisis.

The group now has over 8,000 members comprising sellers, shoppers or both. The main language is Thai as the page is aimed at encouraging local Thais to support local communities and businesses during this difficult time.

The products available on the Amazing Market include restaurants, fruits and vegetables, processed food, seasonings, and ready meals. Shoppers can also look for local textiles and accessories, Thai fabric and cloth masks, as well as home decoration items and souvenirs made from local materials. All buying can be made online, and the delivery can be done via delivery or postal services.

Members can also review their favourite products or create posts seeking for interested items.

Hotel and accommodation establishments must be legally registered, and the promotional vouchers must have an expiration date of not less than one year. Package tours and car rentals are currently allowed for publicity only, not for selling.

Members are encouraged to use polite language, refrain from controversial or political comments, or dating posts, advertisement links from other online platforms are not allowed, do not post too frequently, and do not undercut prices.

Nong Sukjai (TAT’s mascot), the group’s admin will immediately delete the posts from illegal shops or products as well as unqualified or misrepresented products of any kinds.

The Amazing Market is not responsible for the quality of products or accuracy of information or any arguments from business negotiations.

TAT is encouraging all to continue to maintain social distancing and be a part of the nationwide effort to combat the COVID-19. TAT understands that maintaining social distancing can be inconvenient, but it is for the greater good.

As a state-run enterprise, TAT is doing our utmost to strictly implement preventive measures and heighten awareness for all tourists in Thailand to protect them from being exposed to the virus.

In the meantime, enjoy shopping for local products and food in the Amazing Market. Follow this QR code to join the group.

TAT opens “Amazing Market” Facebook group to support local communities and restaurants
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