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Phuket reopens with COVID-19 control measures remain in place

Bridge crossing and boat landings now open to traffic while hotels and tourism-related businesses also back in operations.

Bangkok, 02 June, 2020, at 09.00 Hrs. – The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is pleased to share the latest information that Phuket has reopened its entry and exist points and allowed hotels and tourism-related businesses to resume operations.

Phuket’s move followed the Royal Thai Government’s third phase of easing business activities and restrictions with effective from 1 June, 2020, as Thailand sees zero to few new cases of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in the last few weeks.

In addition to the reopening of businesses and activities relating to the economy, daily life, and health and wellness in line with the nationwide measures (Thailand enters third phase for easing COVID-19 restrictions from 1 June), Phuket has reopened all entry and exit points by land and water, which were closed for two months, from 29 March, 2020.

All travellers entering Phuket via the Tha Chat Chai checkpoint from Phang Nga are required to follow the health and safety rules and regulations set by the local authorities under the “Phuket Smart Checkpoint” model. This will allow officers to effectively prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Those entering Phuket via the interprovincial waterways are also required to follow the safety and health measures. International ports remain closed to international boats and passengers, except for ships transporting cargo and necessity items.

However, Phuket International Airport remains closed until further notice by the order of the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT).

Meanwhile, Phuket has allowed all types of hotels and similar establishments, which have permits according to the Hotel Act 2004, to reopen from 1 June, 2020, after nearly two months of closure starting from 4 April.

The province also allows tourism businesses, which have permits according to the Tourism Business and Tourist Guide Act 2008, as well as related businesses including tour services, bus and boat ticketing services, hotel reservation services, car and boat rental services, transportation services, diving operators and recreation activities to resume operation from 1 June, 2020.

TAT is constantly providing updates on the tourism-related COVID-19 situation in Thailand at the TAT Newsroom ( For additional information and assistance relating to Thailand’s tourism, contact the TAT Contact Centre 1672 or Tourist Police 1155.

For constant updates of Thailand’s COVID-19 control measures for travellers, please visit

This press release is published on 02 June, 2020, at 09.00 Hrs. All information is accurate at the current time but can be changed depending on the situation. The TAT Newsroom will not be updating this press release but will issue new updates as soon as further information becomes available.

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