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TAT celebrates Loi Krathong Festival 2020 in the new normal

Visitors are required to preregister to participate in the “Delightful Colours of the River, Loi Krathong Celebrations 2020” in Ayutthaya and five unique locations as well as multiple events in Bangkok

Bangkok, 19 October, 20202 – The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is hosting the “Delightful Colours of the River, Loi Krathong Celebrations 2020” in Ayutthaya and five unique destinations – Chiang Mai, Sukhothai, Tak, Samut Songkhram and Roi Et – in line with the new normal practice to prevent the transmission of COVID-19.

TAT celebrates Loi Krathong Festival 2020 in the new normal

Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn, TAT Governor, said, “This year, the Loi Krathong celebrations will be held in line with the Ministry of Public Health’s COVID-19 control measures and the Amazing Thailand Safety and Health Administration (SHA) standard to ensure visitor confidence.”

To ensure a maximum Loi Krathong festival experience, visitors are required to preregister their visit through the mobile application QueQ, which can be downloaded from Play Store or App Store. Visitors are also required to check in and out, on the government’s Thai Chana online platform, as well as undergo the temperature screening at the event’s entrance.

Loi Krathong is one of the Kingdom’s most impressive cultural events, which has been held annually on the full moon night of the 12th lunar month as a way of thanking the Goddess of the River, worshipping the Buddha, and releasing worries and bad fortune into the water.

The full moon night of the 12th lunar month this year falls on 31 October, and TAT has planned special activities in Ayutthaya and five provincial locations.

Delightful Colours of the River, Loi Krathong Celebrations 2020, Ayutthaya

29-31 October, 2020, at Wat Mahathat, Ayutthaya Historical Park, Ayutthaya

The event features the traditional way of Loi Krathong reflecting the glorious of the Ayutthaya era. Highlights include rare cultural performances; traditional krathong procession and fireworks display; ‘Premium Craft’ market, and performances by leading Thai artists and bands. Visitors are encouraged to wear traditional Thai costumes or fabric, and must book their participation in advance with the QueQ mobile app.

Yi Peng Festival 2020, Chiang Mai

31 October – 1 November, 2020, at various venues in the city centre, Chiang Mai

Activities include grand krathong processions in seven areas – Three Kings Monument, Tha Phae Gate, Chang Phuak Gate, Suan Dok Gate, Somphet Market Intersection, Chiang Mai Gate, and Chiang Mai Municipal Office; “Tam Phang Patit Song Fa Haksa Mueang” (Light the Lanterns to Guard the City) and showcase of the lives, history and culture of the local people, 28-30 October, 2020, from 09.00-16.00 Hrs., at the Lanna Folklife Museum; “Tam Prathip” (Light the Lanterns) on 31 October, 2020, from 18.00 Hrs. onwards at the areas around the old city moat, and releasing Lanna-style Krathong Sai and the Yi Peng Little Boys and Girls Contest at the Chiang Mai Municipality Office.

The festival will also be available online via

Sukhothai Loi Krathong and Candle Festival 2020

23 October – 1 November, 2020, at the Sukhothai Historical Park

The activities place emphasis on celebrating the unique aspects of Sukhothai’s Loi Krathong, including a daily morning merit-making ceremony; The Legend of Thao Si Chulalak light and sound performance; Khao Khwan Wan Len Fai (Sukhothai Gala Dinner); Talat Laek Bia (the ancient market of the Sukhothai Era); competitions of most beautiful krathongs and lanterns in different sizes and types; Nang Nopphamat Beauty Contest; tradition and culture processions of local districts; fireworks display, and much more.

Loi Krathong Sai Festival and a Thousand Floating Lanterns 2020, Tak

31 October – 1 November, 2020 at Lan Krathong Sai by the Ping Riverside, at the foot of the Somphot Krung Rattanakosin Song Roi Pi Bridge, Tak

Highlights: The ceremony to invite the nine Royal Inaugurated Krathongs and Lanterns, each from His Majesty King Vajiralongkorn and the other eight members of the Royal Family; the releasing of the nine Royal Inaugurated Krathongs and Lanterns; the releasing of the 1,000 floating Lanterns;  the ceremony to ask for the apology and wish for a blessing from “Phra Mae Khongka” (Goddess of River); krathong sai competition, and a fair selling local products.

Loi Krathong Kap Kluai Mae Klong Festival 2020, Samut Songkhram

31 October, 2020, at Wat Phummarin Kudi Thong, Samut Songkhram

Highlight being the ceremony to invite the Royal Inaugurated Lights and Krathongs that will be held concurrently with the processions of art and culture, Thai long drum performances, and Nang Nopphamat. Other activities: Mother-Daughter Noppamat Beauty Contest, workshop on Krathong Kap Kluai making, cultural performances, illuminated boats display, retro market, and more. Visitors are encouraged to wear traditional Thai costumes or fabric to join the celebrations.

Somma Nam Khuen Pheng Seng Prathip 2020, Roi Et

30-31 October, 2020, at Somdet Phra Si Nakarin Public Park and Bueng Phlan Chai, Roi Et

Activities: The ceremony to Pay Homage to the City’s Sacred Spirits, the ceremony to invite and release the Royal Inaugurated Krathongs; the Somma Nam Khuen Pheng Seng Prathip Thai Folk Dance Contest for 5,000 dance duos, Thida Saket Nakhon Beauty Contest, light and sound performance, the release of coconut shell krathongs, and performances by leading Thai artists.

As well as Ayutthaya and the five unique destinations, TAT is also supporting the hosting of Loi Krathong 2020 events in Bangkok, including the “Chao Phraya River of Eternal Prosperity at the River Park, ICONSIAM; and the Bangkok River Festival 2020 at nine locations along the Chao Phraya River; namely, Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn), Wat Pho (Temple of the Reclining Buddha), Wat Prayun Wongsawat, Wat Kalayanamitr, Wat Rakhangkhositaram, Tha Maharaj Pier, Lhong 1919, Asiatique the Riverfront, and Yodpiman Riverwalk.

TAT expects some 300,000 Thai tourists will visit the six locations where it is hosting the Loi Krathong celebrations generating more than 580 billion Baht for the local economy.

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