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Foreign tourists are now required to download ‘ThailandPlus’ app prior to arrival

Travellers will be notified and offered recommendations if they have been in close contact with confirmed COVID-19 cases

Bangkok, 25 February, 2021 – The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) would like to advise all foreign tourists who have received the Certificate of Entry (COE) documentation to Thailand that they are now required to download the ThailandPlus application prior to arrival to use when travelling around the country.

After downloading the ThailandPlus application from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, travellers are required to enable the GPS and accept the privacy policy. After that, a recent (not more than one month old) profile photo needs to be uploaded before inputting the COE number and reference ID obtained from the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate-General. Once all data is verified as correct, the system will direct travellers to the ‘QR code’ page where they can begin using ‎the application.

Travellers will need to keep the ThailandPlus application on all the time, as they move to different locations around the country. Businesses throughout Thailand prominently display QR codes that are required for check-in and check-out scanning. This includes all types of accommodation, restaurants, shopping centres, and tourism attractions, to mention just a few examples.

In the event that travellers are in close contact with any confirmed COVID-19 cases, they will be notified and offered recommendations.

All information collected is only used for public health purposes and is monitored in a way that does not infringe on a visitor’s right to privacy.

ThailandPlus is the evolution of Thailand’s contract tracing efforts that started last year with the ‘Thai Chana’ and ‘Mor Chana’ applications. All three use GPS and Bluetooth to detect locations visited via a mobile phone combined with QR code scanning that records a traveller’s journey.

First announced in November last year, the ThailandPlus application was developed under collaboration between the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, the Prime Minister’s Office, and the Digital Government Development Agency (Public Organisation). ‎ThailandPlus is available for download in both the Apple App Store and Google Play or by visiting

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