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Sukhothai Mini Light and Sound 2021 show starts 6 March

Annual event highlights the history and prosperity of the ancient Thai kingdom of Sukhothai

Bangkok, 03 March, 2021 – The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is pleased to announce that the annual Sukhothai Mini Light and Sound 2021 performances will be held on subsequent Saturdays every two weeks at Wat Sra Sri inside the Sukhothai Historical Park.

Presented by Sukhothai province in cooperation with the Sukhothai College of Dramatic Arts, the performance highlights the history and prosperity of the Sukhothai Kingdom, an ancient Thai capital, as a source of national heritage. The show celebrates Sukhothai’s King Ramkhamhaeng the Great, who reigned over Sukhothai’s golden age during the 13th century, and the kingdom’s historical role in the origins of the Thai alphabet, the national Loi Krathong celebration, fine Thin Chok cloth, and porcelain Chinaware.

The shows are scheduled on 6 March, 20 March, 3 April, 17 April, 1 May, and 15 May, and are free of charge. Entry is limited to 200 people at any one time due to the COVID-19 prevention and control measures. The show starts at 19.30 Hrs., and participants are encouraged to arrive by 18.00 Hrs. to secure the limited seats.

Sukhothai Mini Light and Sound 2021 show starts 6 March

While in Sukhothai, visitors can check out the Saturday Night Market located at Nikorn Kasem Road, located near the Sukhothai Historical Park entrance after the Phra Ruang Bridge. Each Saturday afternoon, it is transformed into a vibrant walking street with vendors on either side of the road, selling Thai food, sweets, and snacks to festivalgoers.

The Ramkhamhaeng Museum, also located near the entrance of the Park, is another source of national pride. It is dedicated to preserving the archaeological finds from excavations at both the Sukhothai Historical Park and Sri Satchanalai Historical Park. Other nearby attractions include Saritphong Dam, known as Phra Ruang Dam, which also dates back to the original Sukhothai Kingdom.

Sukhothai is located 420 kilometres north of Bangkok or about four-five hours by car or 1 hour 15 minutes by air. Bangkok Airways offers daily Bangkok to Sukhothai flights from Suvarnabhumi Airport.

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