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Explore Thai Local Communities through the BCG Lenses

Travelling nowadays is not only about discovering the beauty of new places, gaining new experiences, and tasting delicious food, it can also contribute to the enrichment of the environment and its ecosystems.

With the concept of the Bioeconomy, Circular, and Green Economy Model or BCG Model, tourism can build on the strengths and uniqueness of the locality in terms of biological diversity and cultural richness to achieve sustainable growth.

Discover tourism communities throughout the country that promote responsible tourism and align with the BCG Model where your joyful journey can create a positive impact and an economic, social, and environmental balance to the local communities.

Bang Krachao, Samut Prakan, known as the “Lung of Bangkok”, is where all the pleasures of a break can be delightful without the hassle of travel. Visitors can enjoy riverside cycling, canal excursions floating through jungle-like tree tunnels of wild limes and mangos, having a meal from the local ingredients, and relaxing with Thai massage therapy using a herbal compress ball.

Explore Thai Local Communities through the BCG Lenses
Bang Krachao

Mueang Phet Community, Phetchaburi: Explore the old riverside community that combines scenery, food, history, and arts and crafts to reflect Phetchaburi’s cultural richness. Visit the Nang Yai Museum and develop your craftmanship skills with paper-punching artwork or learn how to perform Nang Yai shadow puppetry. Take a walk to see the art and architecture inherited from the late Ayutthaya period as well as go through small lanes to take photos of hidden street art.

Ban Na Wa Community, Nakhon Phanom: Learn the local ways of life in a community where the sound of weaving still resonates with the Tai Yo tribe’s culture. Do a DIY workshop on indigo-dyed fabric and learn to make community-style menus with local ingredients. The community welcomes tourists to come and experience through food, various activities, and a mellow atmosphere.

Explore Thai Local Communities through the BCG Lenses
Ban Na Wa Community, Nakhon Phanom

Ban Tha Ra Nae and Ban Nam Chiao Community, Trat: Get to know Trat in the context of the verdant mangrove forests and how the balance of marine ecosystems are preserved. Take a boat ride to see the nature along the 4 mangrove forest routes, and do ecotourism activities; such as, cloth dyeing activity with the bark of taboon balls and mangrove planting.

Ban Pa Miang, Lampang: Experience the route of making Assam tea from collecting tea leaves, and boiling old tea leaves for fermentation to make “Miang” until becoming a product that generates income for the community. Assam tea leaf is a medicinal herb that is useful for enhancing energy. Drink it as a healthy morning tea. The community also cooks and processes them into tea leaf pillows that help deodorise. Try to sit and chill in the midst of nature or take a photo book and sit near the small stream that flows through the village to capture the atmosphere.

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