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Thailand hosts APEC delegates to meaningful ‘Regenerative Tourism’ journeys

Two excursions centred around Bangkok’s historic Talat Noi neighbourhood, and Nakhon Pathom’s Sampran Model showcased community-based tourism in line with the APEC Tourism Meeting’s concept.

Bangkok, 19 August, 2022 – Thailand – as APEC 2022 host, through the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, organised two meaningful ‘Regenerative Tourism’ technical visits for APEC  delegates on 18 August, 2022.

Delegates were hosted to a truly meaningful day of meticulously designed programmes to showcase the success story in working towards sustainable goals of Talat Noi, a local community hidden in the vibrant and sleepless city of Bangkok, and Sampran Model, a new tourism ecosystem created by involving and uplifting the local community’s value with organic farming in Nakhon Pathom.

The City Trip featured Bangkok’s Talat Noi, Rattanakosin Island, and Wat Pho.

Talat Noi (the little market), an old multicultural community on the east bank of the Chao Phraya River, is now a trendy playground for urbanites and tourists. Truly reflecting the ‘Regenerative Tourism’ concept, the walking tour highlighted by a mask-painting workshop revealed the successful efforts of the area’s residents in resuscitating the community life and reviving its economy.

Another highlight of the city trip was a sumptuous ride on the Thai Bus Food Tour, which is Thailand’s first high-end double-decker bus that combines a classy city tour with a Michelin Guide’s gourmet experience. Famed Bib Gourmand street food and desserts are served on board, while visitors delight over the sights of the bustling cityscape of Chinatown onwards to the Giant Swing, Rattanakosin Island, and the Grand Palace.

The trip concluded at Wat Pho or the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, which is renowned for its 46-metre-long reclining Buddha that is covered in gold leaf. The temple is also considered the leading school of massage in Thailand and is a wonderful place to enjoy a traditional massage.

The Local Trip featured Nakhon Pathom’s Patom Organic Farm, Suan Sampran, and Sireeruckhachati Nature Learning Park.

The trip highlighted the Sampran Model’s network of organic farmers, thus showcasing how the concept of ‘Regenerative Tourism’ can be utilised to make tourism a part of the ecosystem that helps flourish the environment, society, culture, and local economy.

At the Patom Organic Farm, delegates learned how the local people integrate traditional knowledge with local wisdom into their lifestyle and their brand, and had the opportunity to experience first-hand how to turn raw organic materials into delicious organic meal. Across the river, Suan Sampran delighted delegates with a number of local craft workshops to enjoy, and a tea time with local savouries.

The trip concluded at the Sireeruckhachati Nature Learning Park (Siree Park), a world-class learning centre for herbs and natural science, and a winner of the Museum Thailand Awards 2021. The Park, a unit of the prestigious Mahidol University, has for many years been actively participating in the promotion of a low-carbon society.

The one-day technical visit took place on 18 August, following the two-day 60th APEC Tourism Working Group Meeting on 16-17 August, and the APEC Tourism Workshop on 15 August. The 11th APEC Tourism Ministerial Meeting is scheduled to take place on 19 August.

All photos courtesy of Thailand’s Ministry of Tourism and Sports.

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