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Thailand and Greece hold high-level tourism talks to grow mutual tourism

Also promoting the “Visit Thailand Year 2022-2023: Amazing New Chapters” campaign at the ‘Amazing Thailand, Amazing New Chapters Reception’ held in Athens, Greece

Bangkok, 12 September, 2022 – Thailand and Greece (the Hellenic Republic) are in talks to rebuild and further grow mutual tourism between the two countries, with high-level meetings having been held in Athens on 5 September, 2022, the same day 16 years ago in 2006 since the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on tourism cooperation between Thailand and Greece.

Representing Thailand were Mr. Pornsith Pibulnakarintr, Minister Counsellor, Royal Thai Embassy, Athens, Greece, and Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn, TAT Governor. They met with Ms. Sofia Zacharaki, Greece’s Deputy Minister of Tourism, to discuss ways to promote mutual tourism and to continue the cooperation that was signed on 5 September, 2006, between Thailand’s Ministry of Tourism and Sports and Greece’s Ministry of Tourism.

Mr. Yuthasak said, “This is a great opportunity for the Kingdom of Thailand and the Hellenic Republic to strengthen their good relationship and close cooperation, which will work towards tourism prosperity between the two countries. Both countries have a policy to focus on sustainable tourism – in Thailand this being in line with the government’s Bio-Circular-Green or BCG Economy Model – and this makes for a significant synergy between our two wonderful destinations.”

Emerging from the Athens meetings, a plan to boost mutual tourism between Thailand and Greece, includes the exchange of knowledge through a digital workshop, an exchange trip for bloggers and influencers in the tourism, education, and other fields, and the possibility of a Greek tourism exhibition to be held in Thailand.

Following the meetings, a joint press conference was given by Mr. Yuthasak and Mrs. Olympia Anastasopoulou, Secretary General for Tourism Policy and Development, Greece’s Ministry of Tourism. Key topics included the Thailand-Greece MOU on tourism cooperation and the action plan to grow mutual tourism.

Amazing Thailand, Amazing New Chapters Reception

Supporting the talks, the TAT Rome Office hosted the ‘Amazing Thailand, Amazing New Chapters Reception‘ in the same evening.

Presided over by Mr. Yuthasak and Mr. Pornsith, the event was attended by over 50 people, including tour operators, media, and representatives of the Greek public and private sectors, including Greece’s Ministry of Tourism and the Greek National Tourism Organisation.

Speaking at the reception, Mr. Yuthasak provided an update on the ‘Visit Thailand Year 2022-23: Amazing New Chapters’ campaign in which Thailand is inviting travellers from around the world, including Greece, to come and write their own memorable chapters on a Thai holiday.

TAT is focusing on using “storytelling” marketing to enrich visitors’ tourism experiences and self-value. This is being done through NFT– as ‘Nature to keep’, ‘Food to explore’, and ‘Thainess’ to discover together with the feeling of Experience, Fun, and Love, which are what travellers will gain during their journeys in Thailand.

Emphasis will be placed on promoting Thailand as a year-round destination for health and wellness aficionados, families with children, active seniors, and remote workers/teleworkers through co-promotions with leading tour operators, travel agents, and consumer brands. Key messages will highlight the abundance of the tourism products and services in Thailand that will fulfil all traveller’s travel desires. This idea will be showcased alongside with the kingdom’s 5F soft-power foundations; namely, Food, Film, Fashion, Festival, and Fight.

“Apart from plenty of tourism products and services, 2022-2023 will also be the years of meaningful travel. Not only is responsible travel highlighted, but it will also be a moment of friends and family to reunite after a long pause during the pandemic,” Mr. Yuthasak concluded.

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