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The Journey to Sustainability

Amazing New Chapters: ‘The Journey to Sustainability’

Amazing New Chapters: ‘The Journey to Sustainability’

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Music is an international language which connects people together despite their different tongues. ‘When music from one culture is shared with people from another, they get a meaningful glimpse into another way of life.’ Reflecting this fact is the music by the Biggles Big Band, which binds people and their travels together.

This band’s music and travel reflect their passion for Thailand, its abundant natural resources, clement climate all year round, and diversity of ecosystems and landscapes, all of which are conducive to every style of travel in any season. Most noticeably, the hallmark of Thailand is its cultural attractions, friendly people, delectable cuisine, and unique way of life.

These factors have attracted the musical band from the Netherlands to Thailand. Over the past 14 years, the band has been delivering musical performances for cultural exchange in Thailand time and time again. Their theme is characterised by sustainable eco-friendly and carbon neutral travel, compensation for reduction of travel-related greenhouse gas emissions, and connection with local community tourism, known as the ‘BCG Tourism & Happy Model’. Under this model, every sector of Thailand’s tourism industry focuses on upgrading its tourism activities to adhere more to the principle of sustainability, in line with international economic development and the potentially increasing number of eco-tourists.

Let us experience Thailand’s new tourism concept inspired by the ‘BCG Tourism & Happy Model’—an innovative eco-friendly approach to tourism designed to mitigate negative impacts on the earth and society. Let us find out about tourism that fills every heart with enjoyment and merriment for all lifestyles—be it chilling-out, food-sampling, adventurous, historical, or health-conscious.

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