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TAT showcases innovative travel experiences at “TEP x 0110 ASIA TECHLAND 2023”

Two virtual travel showcases underscore TAT’s innovative approach on digital tourism.

Bangkok, 9 June 2023 – The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) enjoyed a high profile at the “TEP x 0110 ASIA TECHLAND 2023 – Bring the Future” event held at the Royal Paragon Hall from 25-28 May, presenting two virtual showcase activities focusing on innovative and exciting ways to travel in Thailand.

Organised by Social Lab Company Limited and the Thai Real Estate Association, the “TEP x 0110 ASIA TECHLAND 2023 – Bring the Future” event brough together public and private sector exhibitors from many different industries, who showed their visions for the future and discussed solutions and business models to address key issues and concerns.

Visitors to the show were able to see innovation and technology from around the world, aimed at elevating living in a way that was innovative, convenient, environmentally friendly, and sustainable.

Among the 15 so-called ‘Warp Rooms’ virtual showcase at the event, which presented views and possibilities on the future, the TAT hosted two, which were extremely well attended and attracted much interest from visitors.

These were the ‘FUTURE Ride’ Experience which used robot technology photography to allow people to travel around Thailand without leaving the room, and the ‘Thai Travel Room’ presenting travel experiences through sights and smells.

Mr. Nithee Seeprae, TAT Deputy Governor for Digitalisation, Research, and Development, who was among the distinguished speakers at the event, delivered a speech on ‘The Future of Tourism: Trends and Technologies’, looking at how the TAT was adapting to a changing world and how it was using an innovative tourism approach to ensure that Thailand remained a preferred travel destination for travellers from all corners of the world, continuing to meet their changing travel needs.

“TAT places great importance on its adaptation and innovative approach in presenting Thailand to the world as a favoured holiday destination, both in the present day and future. This can be seen in Thailand’s new direction towards more sustainable, more responsible tourism that offers tourists the opportunity to enjoy meaningful travel experiences throughout the kingdom,” Mr. Nithee said.

TAT showcases innovative travel experiences at “TEP x 0110 ASIA TECHLAND 2023”
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