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TAT launches ‘SUKJAI NFT by Amazing Thailand’ project

Digital asset NFTs used to stimulate increased travel to Thailand among high-spending South Koreans.

Bangkok, 10 July 2023 – The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has launched the ‘SUKJAI NFT by Amazing Thailand’ project, following an MoU signed with SOOBAK, which will target high-spending South Korean travellers to Thailand through the promotion of digital art assets.

Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn, TAT Governor, said “South Korea is an important source market for Thailand that presents enormous potential for NFT marketing, which is becoming a more and more visual element in both the Asia-Pacific tourism industry and TAT’s strategy to use digital tourism in the transformation of the Thai tourism industry into sustainable and Smart Tourism.”

The MoU with SOOBAK is one of three tourism cooperation agreements TAT signed with three major South Korean tourism players – the others being the Korea Association of Travel Agents (KATA) and Korean Air – in late 2022, aimed at expanding and strengthening tourism links between the two countries.

TAT launches ‘SUKJAI NFT by Amazing Thailand’ project

The ‘SUKJAI NFT by Amazing Thailand’ project aims to connect with the digital asset consumer market in South Korea, and to build a fanbase among them through NFT marketing that will offer new tourism experiences and inspire travel to Thailand.

It represents the international expansion of the TAT’s NFT marketing activities, following the success of the Amazing Thailand NFTs project in Thailand, which is now in its third season offering 55,000 NFT artworks distributed across the kingdom’s five regions.

The ‘SUKJAI NFT by Amazing Thailand’ project features the TAT mascot “Nong Sukjai” with 20,000 NFT pieces on offer in the South Korean market. The NFT pieces will offer the holder special privileges for travel products and services in four categories – shopping, luxury lifestyle, outdoor and adventure and, art and entertainment.

The privileges cover such activities as city sightseeing by chartered helicopter, skydiving, and Chef’s Table fine-dining, and staying in luxury accommodation like villas and penthouses – for travel to Thailand, especially during August and September, which is the high period for the South Korean market to Thailand.

More than 60 Thai partners and entrepreneurs in Thailand’s main tourist destinations are participating in the project.

Registration for the ‘SUKJAI NFT by Amazing Thailand’ project is through the TRAVELET application through which tourists can also plan their travel to Thailand.

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