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Thailand for women travellers – modern methods of Thai beauty

When we think of the Thai beauty regime, we think of the herbs and abundant fresh fruits and oils that are incorporated into the ancient treatments that give many Thai women that exotic vibrant glow. But these days, Thai beauty is not just about body scrubs, wraps, massage and facials. Thai women and men also like to stay on the cutting edge of beauty and anyone coming here for a fresh new look, or to fight the effects of aging will find skin clinics offering modern procedures to choose from alongside more traditional treatments.

Bright sunlight, poor sleeping habits, stress and air pollution can all ravage the skin and speed up the ageing process. But modern science is fighting back and Thai clinics are often in the forefront of this battle, thanks to affordable dermatology clinics that offer high quality treatments at reasonable prices. If you are unhappy with your wrinkles, crow’s feet, acne scars or sagging chin, you will find a treatment in Thailand to help. There are clinics all over the country where the latest treatments are offered. This includes procedures; such as, Botox, for which Thailand has built a solid reputation, but also hair transplants, laser treatments and targeted liposuction.

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This photo from Medivisage, Bangkok, is used for reference only.

Thailand leads the way in the use of many of these technologies; such as, the anti-aging procedure of Fraxel Laser Skin Resurfacing, Thermage skin tightening and Coolsculpting, which is a non-surgical fat-reduction treatment. Some clinics offer derma fillers, non-surgical facelifts, and peptide facials. Many people now fly to Thailand for these high-tech treatments meaning that Thai beauty therapists are among the most experienced in the world.

The money you save on these treatments, (often costing less than half they do in the West despite using the same techniques, equipment and expertise), can be used to enjoy a holiday in Thailand. After all most anti-aging or body sculpting procedures are not invasive. At best you will only have to rest for a couple of days, so you may as well do this in a beautiful destination. Do stay out of the sun though, especially if you’ve had a skin treatment.

Enjoy a Thai smile

Thailand is also becoming famous for its highly trained dentists who use state-of-the-art equipment. This is why so many people come here for treatments knowing that they’ll get world-class results at great prices. But as well as the usual fillings, implants and crowns, it is possible to get cosmetic dental work done; such as, veneers, and whitening, so you can go home with a real Siamese smile.

Plastic surgery in Thailand

Of course, some people come to Thailand seeking a more permanent way to change things about their appearance, or to fight the aging process with cosmetic surgery. This is now commonplace and the chances are you know someone who’s had a little nip or a tuck, or who may be considering having their eyelids done, a nose job or perhaps even something more drastic.

Recent years have seen Thailand become a world leader in cosmetic surgery. The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has even run an annual competition in which people compete to win a full and life-changing cosmetic makeover undertaken by some of the kingdom’s best known surgeons.

Many people came to Thailand for some sort of surgery in 2015, many for cosmetic procedures. The most common forms of cosmetic surgery in Thailand tend to be rhinoplasty and breast augmentation, but it’s also possible to get tummy tucks, facelifts, jaw reductions, and eyelid surgery.

Thailand has gained this reputation by ensuring promoting world-class hospitals staffed by internationally trained physicians who have access to state-of-the-art technology. Many of the larger hospitals in Thailand boast all the luxuries of five-star hotels. They have large lounge areas with free drinks, friendly check-in desks and translation services, and in-house travel agents so you can book tours and trips while you recuperate from surgery. The rooms feel like small apartments with kitchen areas, Wi-Fi and rooms for partners and children. As you’d expect in ever-hospitable Thailand, you are well looked after and made to feel comfortable at all times.

If you are coming to Thailand for a cosmetic procedure, make sure you do your research first, checking the background, qualifications and experience of your doctor and looking at comments from other patients. It is highly recommended that you choose to receive any cosmetic procedures from qualified surgeons or doctors at hospitals or medical establishments that are legally registered and are internationally certified. It is also worth making sure you incorporate ample recovery time into your trip. Flying long-haul after surgery of any kind can be risky, and it’s best to stay around to makes sure your doctor is totally happy with the results before you head home to show off your new look.

Everyday beauty

Of course, in Thailand you don’t have to spend a fortune or seek state-of-the-art treatments to enjoy a little beauty and pampering. Simple and everyday beauty treatments are available everywhere. For example, many Thai women will simply pop out at lunch for a quick hair wash and blow-dry. You get a little pampering and a professional finish for an affordable price. In a similar vein, there are increasing numbers of nail bars in Thailand where you can get a full manicure for a good price, not to mention makeovers. There are so many options to enjoy a little beautification and pampering in Thailand, that it’s easy to understand why the locals always manage to look so good.

Of course, the best way to stay beautiful, if to enjoy an active lifestyle, is to avoid stress and eat healthily and this is all part of the Thai way of life. But if you are seeking state-of-the-art procedures, alongside ancient beauty wisdom, Thailand should be on your beauty wish list.

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This photo from Medivisage, Bangkok, is used for reference only.

More information

In August 2016, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is running a new campaign aimed at women travellers. Women’s Journey will focus on all aspects of travel and health, and many spas, hospitals and clinics are taking part offering a range of special services at good prices. To learn more, please visit

To ensure women travellers get to most out of the Campaign, TAT has also released a mobile application that enables them to navigate the offers and promotions and to plan their schedule accordingly. The products, services and events are listed under five categories: Beautiful Look, Beautiful Shape, Beautiful Mind, Beautiful Retreat, and Beautiful Experience. The Women’s Journey Thailand application can be downloaded from Play Store and iStore.

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