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Chinese stars tee off at “Amazing Thailand All Star Golf Invitation Tournament” in Phuket

Chinese stars tee off at "Amazing Thailand All Star Golf Invitation Tournament" in Phuket

Phuket, 16 October, 2018 – The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Beijing Office is partnering China’s luxury travel company Sino Noble to organise the “Amazing Thailand All Star Golf Invitation Tournament” in Phuket from 15 to 18 October, 2018.

The event offers 20 famous Chinese movie stars, professional athletes and celebrities the chance to experience Phuket’s world renown golf facilities. They will tee off at the Red Mountain Golf Club, Blue Canyon Country Club and Loch Palm Golf Club, considered three of the most challenging championship quality golf courses in Thailand.

Chinese stars tee off at "Amazing Thailand All Star Golf Invitation Tournament" in Phuket

Mrs. Titiporn Manenate (above photo), TAT Executive Director of East Asia Region, said: “Thailand offers some of Asia’s finest golf courses across the country. There are over 200 golf courses open all year charging reasonable green fees. This makes Thailand a preferred golf destination for golfers from around the world, especially visitors from colder climates.

“There are over one million golfers and 400 golf courses across China. It has more than 40 golf courses in Beijing alone, attracting over 100,000 golfers a week for six months a year. Chinese golfers seek warmer destinations during winter, and we want to position Phuket on the top of their mind as the preferred golfing paradise.”

Organisers hope participants share their experiences on social media and other media platforms to a wider audience in China during the four-day event. The itinerary highlights Phuket’s unique Southern Thai food and culture plus the chance to enjoy beautiful beaches and islands around Thailand’s most popular resort destination.

Chinese stars tee off at "Amazing Thailand All Star Golf Invitation Tournament" in Phuket

Leading the tournament are the All Star Golf Team managers and Chinese movie stars, Ms. Zhao Hong and Mr. Li Dong. Other famous movie stars joining the event include Mr. Zhang Jia Yi, Mr. Huang Hai Bing, Mr. Liao Jing Sheng and Ms. Guo Hong.

The event also features top personalities including Mr. Wang Yue, a professional athlete who is a member of the Coach Committee of the Chinese Tennis Association and a national tennis team coach. Mr Wang is the tennis consultant for CCTV and BTV, and is joined by Mr. Song Ke, a famous music and movie producer who is also the Chairman of Ali Music.

Additional famous Chinese models and TV actresses also participating include Ms. Sun Ya Man, who is also the host of Hunan TV and Fujian TV, Ms. Luo Xiang Jin and Ms. Ma Li.

Thailand offers a wide variety of tourism services and products for all Chinese visitors. “The Amazing Thailand All Star Golf Invitation Tournament in Phuket provided golfers, family members and friends with memorable travel experiences including Thai food, holistic spa and wellness treatments, ‘sea sand sun’, unique ‘Peranakan’ culture and historical attractions,” Mrs. Titiporn, concluded.

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