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TAT’s Hello Taste Thailand guidebook cooks up new itineraries for travelling foodies

Bangkok, 07 November, 2018 – The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has launched a new Hello Taste Thailand guidebook, working with experienced gastronomic tour companies to     co-create food tour programmes, placing an emphasis on creating culinary experiences for tourists to share their epicurean adventures on social media.

TAT Hello Taste Thailand guidebook

TAT invited Local Alike, Siam Rise Travel, Black Rice and Friday Trip to develop itineraries that explore the country’s rich culinary diversity along 10 new gastronomic tourism routes in support of its new Hello Taste Thailand guidebook.

According to TAT Governor Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn, travel professionals and anyone who is interested in the project should download the e-book that is now available in English.

“The Hello Taste Thailand guidebook opens a new chapter of gastronomic tourism to a new generation of travelling foodies who place eating well on the top of their mind among the travel experiences they crave.

“New culinary routes being created can be defined as the pursuit of unique eating and drinking experiences. This could include visiting food producers and noteworthy food-related destinations, together with special tasting special sessions, or observing how Thai dishes are produced and prepared,” Mr. Yuthasak, added.

The 10 new gastronomic tourism routes include:

BANGKOK’S THAI WISDOM – A trip that follows the traditions of old Siam and goes behind-the-scenes to discover what is happening in the kitchen, and how Thai people cook throughout the various seasons.

BANGKOK’S ‘PATH OF FLOWERS’- A one-day tasting tour around the Thai capital, where visitors will witness how flowers are used in a number of savoury dishes, desserts, and drinks.

EXOTIC BANGKOK – Experience a creative culinary take on not-so-typical Thai dishes with plenty of new and exciting tastes to discover along the way.

LAND OF THE LIVING – AYUTTHAYA – visitors are invited to learn about modern-day Ayutthaya by sourcing local ingredients, cooking and doing plenty of eating.

THE TROPICAL WONDERS OF CHANTHABURI – Many dishes here are one of a kind and cannot be  found anywhere else in the country.

TASTE THE MORE NATURAL SIDE OF CHIANG MAI – A one-day tasting tour that offers the chance to escape the city and experience a more authentic side of Chiang Mai’s rich culinary traditions.

CHIANG MAI ARTISANS’ ART ON THE TABLE – Artisan chefs and cooks who use only the freshest local ingredients with old-age recipes and cooking techniques.

PHUKET’S PERFECT COMBINATION –  This two-day, one-night tasting tour of Phuket is hands-on where visitors prepare, cook and learn about new Thai dishes and drinks and get to eat plenty.

PHUKET’S CASTAWAY PARADISE IN THAILAND’S ANDAMAN – Visitors get whisked away in true ‘castaway’ style to forage for wild ingredients and learn from the wisdom of the ‘Chao Le’ villagers.

THE WISDOM OF SURAT THANI’S TAPI RIVER – A two-day programme cruising on the Tapi River for an authentic take on the true Surat Thani lifestyle, while learning from the wisdom and culture of the locals.

Travel professionals and anyone who is interested in eating great Thai food can download the new Hello Taste Thailand guidebook e-book here.

*Some of the pages in the guidebook.

TAT Hello Taste Thailand guidebook TAT Hello Taste Thailand guidebook TAT Hello Taste Thailand guidebook

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