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The Unexpected Feeling Episode 3: Coconut Treasure

Samut Songkhram is renowned not only for its scenic natural attractions, which are consistent with the locals’ simple way of life, but also for being one of the provinces with the largest population of coconuts in Thailand. Thanks to this blessing, local residents possess an ample repertoire of coconut-related folk wisdom. One example is their skill in transforming a plain looking coconut shell into a carved sound box—or resonator—for a fiddle, a Thai stringed instrument that features a harmony of exquisite craftsmanship and musical acoustics.

The process of coconut shell carving requires immense meticulousness. Selecting a shell suitable for carving is the first challenge. This is followed by the arduous task of creating a design to be engraved on the shell, which is the fiddle’s resonator. Also of great importance is the craftsman’s expert knowledge of the acoustic properties rendered by each carved, bored and fretted coconut shell. Such expertise is essential to creating a good-quality sound box for a fiddle that, if assembled in accord with Thai musical instrument standards, is both beautiful and durable, with a unique sound quality.

Location: Bang Khonthi, Samut Songkhram, Thailand.
So U (Alto Fiddle) musician for “Lao Somdej” : Mr. Sarayudh Homyen

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