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The Unexpected Feeling Episode 7: Charming Thai Indigo

This episode, ‘Charming Thai Indigo’, presents a story behind the production of the graceful indigo-dyed fabric by residents of Na Tong village in the northern Thai province of Phrae. Indigo-dyed fabric is a symbol of this community, constantly reminding Na Tong residents that the bond between them and indigo goes back more than 100 years. Today, they still adhere to their totally hand-made production process, from the selection of Acanthus or indigo plants to ensure a good-quality indigo extract, the building of an indigo-culture pot using personal techniques, to the designing of every detail of their innovative products. Every step of this process is intended to widen their customer base. Under the concept ‘Green Mission’, Na Tong indigo fabric products are made from 100% natural materials and designed to meet users’ needs. Thanks to its 100% UV shield, the fabric helps maintain body temperature balance and is suitable for all climates. Developed using quasi-nanotechnology that ensures smell-absorbent properties, the fabric has been converted into more than 30 different products.

All these properties are the valuable capital for the production of Phrae’s unique indigo fabric. Regarded as ‘Future Fabric’, this product is an excellent outcome of a marriage of elderly community members’ traditional inventiveness and their knowledge in botany, geography, fine arts, local wisdom, and local culture.

Location: Ban Na Tong, Phrae, Thailand

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